What’s going on with the fires in the Quad Cities

Recently we heard so many fire incidents in the area and some were even fatal. This is shocking to hear how fast the fire can spread and result in a total loss of the families. The homeowners are often left with nothing due to the lack of proper insurance coverage for fires. Apartments, trailers, restaurants, homes, and commercial properties are falling to fire losses. Area agencies are distributing free fire alarms but how many are aware of it. Homeowners need to take special measures to mitigate the risk of fires.

Causes of fires

Unattended candles, faulty switches, garage fires, outdated stoves, grilling, burning leaves, worn out HVAC, chipped electric wiring, sofa fires, hoarding, and all other minor issues which were kept pending may result in fires! Within minutes the fires engulf the buildings and people are lucky to get out with minor smoke inhalation. Complete loss of the assets overnight leaves families in a very vulnerable position.

Fire Control

Controlling the fires in winter is often challenging due to the freezing weather in the Quad Cities. We often hear multiple fire departments responding to a fire call and controlling the fire. Limiting the fire and not letting it spread to other properties is also crucial. Access to water and high winds are other considerations during fire control.


Some of the common Homeowner insurances do not cover the fire damage. They cover basics and property owners often are reluctant to increase the coverage for unnecessary damages. Fire damage, however, must be mandatory for all properties so the damage can be claimed by the insurance. Extra charges for fire damage is a common among the home insurance. The claims processing is often tricky as the fire department needs to identify the cause of the fire. The insurance companies also may need additional verification to process fire claims.

Routine Inspection

Homeowners are suggested to inspect their properties for any fire risks. Updating any outdated equipment is recommended. Modern paints and building materials are available in fire retarding models that reduce the risk of spreading the fire. Any chipped electric wires can be discarded. Overloading an electric point or extension cord is also dangerous. Local utility companies are willing to exchange outdated refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Some are even offering rebates for discarding the old ones.

Checking the fire alarms and replacing the batteries yearly is also a common practice. Common remedies can prevent the greater damages of fire. Having an escape route in case of fire, setting aside emergency kit, identifying an area where the family can meet when they escape, and other fire escape plans are needed. The small fire extinguishers can come in handy in some cases.

Quad Cities is very fortunate to have giving communities in times of difficulty. Area shelters, Red Cross, churches, and local groups are contributing to the families in need. Old and new properties alike are at risk of fires and annual inspection is required.