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The Death of Crypto Currency

Investors were all frenzy earlier this year with the enormous growth of the Crypto Currency such as the Bitcoin and […]

Why do Small Businesses Need a Website?

Yes, small businesses do need a website to promote their business. Many argue that the Facebook page they have will […]

Contact Forms Comparison

Contact form is an integral part of any website. It provides a medium for the customer to connect directly with […]

Quad Cities Summer Events 2016

Summer of 2016 brings record high temperatures to Quad cities along with annual events. Music, art, fair, carnivals, festivals, and […]

New Pokemon Nintendo game

On November 18 the new Nintendo Pokemon game called Pokemon Sun and Moon will come out. The legendary Pokemon are […]

Walking: The Medicine for All Pains

With the onset of warmer weather in the Quad Cities, we started seeing more people walking, running, and biking. I […]

Lake of the Ozarks: A man made attraction

Lake of the Ozarks was created 72 years ago to create hydro electricity from the Osage river by building the Bagnell dam. […]

Waze : A new way to travel

Recently, a friend suggested Waze app while traveling. I remember seeing ads about Waze, but never looked in to it. […]

Fan Review

Shah Rukh In and As Fan is another evidence of the actor’s peak acting skills. The makeup and cinematography made the double role blend naturally but Shah Rukh’s action proved the negative role also is correct. 🙂 Only to his fans though!

Integrate a WordPress Blog to Your Bootstrap Website

So, you built a great website in bootstrap. Your site is live and great, works fine in all devices and […]