Quad Cities Summer Events 2016

Summer of 2016 brings record high temperatures to Quad cities along with annual events. Music, art, fair, carnivals, festivals, and so on make QC the greatest place to spend the summer again! Here are my top picks for summer 2016.

  1. Rock Island County Fair – July 19 to 23: Enjoy the unlimited rides and don’t miss the fair food and the demolition derby on Friday and Little Monster trucks on Saturday! See the farm animals and feed them.
  2. MVValley Fair – Aug 2 to 7: Take the fun stands pass to enjoy the entry for five days including the grand stands! Rascal Flatts and Alabama are in the line up this year
  3. Tug Fest – Aug 11 to 13: Don’t miss the fireworks on Friday and the great tug on Saturday. Cheer for your local teams and enjoy the action! Signup your kids for the kids tug to make it more interesting
  4. River Roots Live – Aug 26 to 27: If you like loud music and street food, this is the place for you. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the music! Visit the many stages and enjoy all kinds of music
  5. Quad city balloon festival – Sep 23 to 27: Enjoy the hot air balloon ride over the QC and fly in the colorful balloons. Donate a canned or packed food item for free entry

Do visit the Putnam museum and Figge art museum during to check out their special exhibits. Say hello to the mummy in the museum and create art at the Figge art museum. Ride the channel cat water taxi to cross the river. Ride the river cruises and dinner cruises on the famous Celebration Belle. Go to the movie in the park or the movie marathon in the theaters early shows.

If you want to venture out new adventures in the Quad cities, try out the Scuba Adventures and get certified in the live water swimming. Don’t miss the Slide the city on August 6th which is sure a fun to do and watch as well. A must visit is the Bust out live escape rooms in Bettendorf which is a perfect team building activity for family, friends, or office. the Quad city sky diving is open for season and test your luck out there as well. 🙂

Participate in the marathons, races, triatholons, RAGBRAI, and so on in 2016. Or just enjoy the river walk. Let me know what you did this summer in the Quad cities! 🙂

New Pokemon Nintendo game

On November 18 the new Nintendo Pokemon game called Pokemon Sun and Moon will come out. The legendary Pokemon are called Solgaleo and Lunala. There is also a mythical Pokemon that looks like Diancie called Magearna which is said to be made by humans a long time ago. The starter Pokemon are called Litten the fire type, Popplio the ater type and Rowlet the grass type.

gallery-1464873431-solgaleo gallery-1464873635-lunala

image credit: digitalspy.com

1st picture: solgaleo

2nd picture:lunala

I am very excited to play this game.

First blog, yeah!

Walking: The Medicine for All Pains

With the onset of warmer weather in the Quad Cities, we started seeing more people walking, running, and biking. I think walking is the best medicine for all the pains. If you feel more pain in your back or knees, go out for a short walk. Similarly, if your mood is not feeling right, go for a walk. As simple as that. Your pains and moods will be immediately transformed in to another pain or mood! 🙂

Walking is good in the mornings, evenings, or late night. Doctors suggest morning walk is the best but I think walking is good any time of the day if you are able to do it. You can reduce your stress levels, blood sugar levels, and put the limbs into action. Walking lets you test your limits and increase the resistance to pain and workout. Your endurance levels will be higher if you take multiple short walks during the day. One mile is the optimum distance that you can walk or split it into two short walks.

Ask a friend or family member to join you for the walk so you can catch up on other things. That will be relaxing for both you and the walking buddy. Check out the neighborhood landscape or enjoy the warm weather.  Walking is the best alternative if you are unable to go for the high stress workouts. You can walk according to your own pace and no matter how fast you walk it is going to be ultimately beneficial. Add some music to your walk to make it more entertaining and relaxing. Experts suggest that brisk walking helps and also engaging your hands during the walk also helps. You might burn some additional calories if you walk twice a day and get back to fitness level by the Independence day vacation!

If you don’t workout on a regular basis, you might do just fine for your day to day activities. However, if you keep your body working out daily, you will be ready for any high adventure activities for the summer. Your limbs and body will be prepared for all the hiking and extra travel during the summer. In addition, your body will also ready for any hormone changes due to the aging. Do not just refrain from walking because you have that pain or this work. Keep the work out going on and keep walking!