Fan Review

Shah Rukh In and As Fan is another evidence of the actor’s peak acting skills. The makeup and cinematography made the double role blend naturally but Shah Rukh’s action proved the negative role also is correct. 🙂 Only to his fans though!

With the technology, information is being transmitted at the finger tips before an event actually happened. Social media has made private lives public for common people. For celebrities who are under constant vigilance of the paparazzi, there is no more privacy. Stalking of celebrities are a common news now. Pictures of extreme private nature are being freely transmitted on the web. People getting in to the properties of famous actors, booking rooms adjacent to theirs, hacking in to social media accounts, emails, and so on are similar examples.

This situation has been showcased in the movie Fan. Shah Rukh is a famous actor in the movie and his fan is madly worshiping the hero since childhood. The craze continues in to adolescence and adulthood. Similarity in facial features adds to already possessive behavior. The fan imitates the actor in all walks of life and is often encouraged by the annual acting competitions held locally. Finally, the fan decides to meet the actor and sets off to visit him. However, the actor is having thousands of visitors everyday and is unaware of the fan’s behavior. People at that stage are used to the fan behavior but the actor is unprepared for this particular fan.

Situations turn worse and the fan is neglected by the actor. Fan takes actor’s professional rivalries as his own an ends up beating up the actors rival. There are viral YouTube videos about the incidents. However, this behavior is not encouraged by the actor and warns the fan to stay away from him. I think this was handled in a subtle manner. Most cases, immediately there would be police complaints and or security concerns. Now, the fan takes the matter very seriously and starts attacking the actor posing as his impostor. People start criticizing the actor for the impostor’s actions and the actor sees the issue.

The actor tries to handle it in a different manner by teaching the fan a lesson. But at the end the fan dies by committing suicide post shuffle and dialog exchange. The actor still kinds of remembers the fan whenever he sees the deluge of his fans. The ego and power establishing nature of the star has been shot very well and Shah Rukh is a natural. The craze and madness of the fan are acted out very well by of course our own Shah Rukh again.

I think the movie is depiction of stalking in real life as well. The never-ending trolling of people online and in person. The unnecessary imaginations and attachments lead to one situation or the other. One wise person said – “Love is another form of stalking”, which is true. But, love is suppose to set the other person free and like them no matter what. The relationship (if any?) which is shared between a fan and actor has been exaggerated in the movie. After all, it is just a story. Shah Rukh makes all the bad roles he acted such as in Baazigar and Dar look correct according to the character’s perspective. Similarly, Fan is also showing the same case subjectively.

Also, notice that there are no songs and no major female lead actors in the movie. You are all set to become Shah Rukh’s fans after watching the movie. Let me know what you think! 🙂