Happy New Year 2016

Here’s wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2016!

2016 is supposed to be the Red Monkey Year according to Chinese Calendar. Their New Year starts late in Spring I guess. The USA gears up for the Presidential elections and subsequent policy changes in 2016. President Barack Obama is ending his eight year term in 2016 and looking forward for retirement. 🙂 Is it going to be Hillary or Trump. That would be an interesting elections.

Women started to vote and drive in Saudi, Finally! This may foresee an influx of changes for the daily lives of the people living in that area. India is preparing for the Make in India challenge and expecting more work in 2016. China relaxed its one child policy to have more people working and contributing to the economy in 2016.

Employment based immigrants are expecting more relaxations in their work statuses which will enable them to take up more jobs. The flexibility will allow them to relocate and take promotions in their jobs in 2016.

The World is getting more environmental awareness and climate changes. Flooding seems to be a greater challenge worldwide and controlling the subsequent diseases is tough too. Terrorism and cancer are still  a major concern to global population. Advance technologies in space are allowing private organizations to host space trips soon!

Students are facing higher rates in college fees. Interestingly, technology makes them to deliver more and they are expected to achieve greater heights in 2016. Tough competition in colleges and employment will result in better prospects for all in 2016!

Well, that’s my forecast for 2016. 🙂

The Power of Pega

Pega has turned out to be the most popular platform for building Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Pega has powerful capabilities which can be used by the business and project managers to capture the requirements directly into the application without any need of coding. Pega Systems software has inbuilt features with which capturing and transforming customer requirements into technical details with a click of a mouse. I think Pega is cool is because of its features and easy to use capabilities.

Mega Pega Products

Pega has custom solutions for Marketing, Customer Service, Sales and Onboarding, Operations, and the most famous Pega Platform. Each solution has unique features such as customization and reports generation.

  1. Pega Customer Service has inbuilt directions for the customer service representatives based on the role they logged in or based on the incoming call. The messages can be customized and launched by a supervisor or manager depending upon the independent needs. Reporting is much easier with inbuilt range of reports that can be modified based on your requirement.
  2. Pega Marketing can be used to design, develop, and monitor marketing programs and campaigns which can be customized and prioritized based on the changing requirements. Marketing goals and up sell and cross-sell strategies can be included all in one place. Marketing channels can be unique based on the individual customer and can drive better results.
  3. Pega 7 Platform has cool features such as the Case Manager and Designer Studio which make building applications easier. The business processes can be captured using the Direct Capture of Objectives features. The process flow diagrams can be captured inside the tool and the business requirements documents can be saved in the application itself. You can define the business rules in the work flow diagrams and the process can be directed based on a predefined condition or rule.
  4. Pega Operations is used to drive warranty processes or insurance claims easier with its features. Order management becomes simpler with end-to-end visibility starting from placing the order to delivering the order. Disputes and conflicts can be managed effectively without loss of time and resources.
  5. Pega Sales Automation guides sales processes and handling with its unique capabilities. Guided selling and sales dashboards drive the sales processes which can be effective in managing customers and sales goals. The Pega Onboarding and know Your Customer features lets businesses build applications that meet the business needs.

Pega Customers

Many businesses worldwide have deployed Pega applications to meet their needs. Some of the customers include CISCO, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Linkedin, Farmers Insurance, Wells Fargo, Coca Cola, Expedia, GE Healthcare, PayPal, Xerox, and so on. Pega solutions can be applied in variety of industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, communications, health sector, manufacturing, energy, life sciences, and so on. Most of the solutions are available in mobile and cloud as well and are compatible with other systems and services.

Major benefits of deploying Pega include:

  • Streamline operations
  • Effective Change management
  • Improve productivity and compliance
  • Increase profitability
  • Simplify and automate core processes
  • Enhance customer engagement

Pega Academy

Pega services include the Pega Academy and forums. The Pega Academy has the course paths and certification options for the Pega users. Some of the basic certifications are free with a corporate email which you try out to get the look and feel of the software. You can download the trial server and observe how the solutions work. Other certifications need corporate credits which your organization can provide if needed.

Try out the Mega Pega and let me what you think about it!