Spectre Review

Spectre. A criminal organization with no morals. Their leader is Ernest Starvo Blofeld, a mad super villain in the James Bond franchise, if you’ve read any of the books or watched any of the movies. After M’s death in Skyfall, Bond seeks reconciliation in a video will that M has sent to him, stating to find Marco Sciarra and kill him. In doing so to also take his ring and find his widowed wife for more information on his ring. Meanwhile in London, MI6 has heard of the significant amount of damage he has caused to Mexico.  The chief of security, or C, as Bond calls him, proposes on making a group called Nine Eyes that mainly focuses on drone intelligence, rather than human fieldwork. But doing so would close down the “00” program. 
Overall, this movie is not that action packed as other Bond movies, as that dead space is filled up with romance. Which is not good for a movie in the Action/Adventure genre. Like the opening screen says, “the dead are alive”, hopefully Sam Mendes can do better next time.