Happy New Year

Don’t let the name fool you. This movie is not about the New Year. In fact, to all the Indian readers out there, this a definite movie you have to watch. It is in Hindi, so unless you can understand Hindi or have a way of having subtitles, this is not the movie for you. To others, this movie, to me, is a 10/10 (I am an 11 year-old, so don’t put anything against me, it’s just what I think.) It is the gumbo pot of sweetness. It contains the right mixture of things, such as comedy, action, and most importantly, a good storyline. Hold on to your horses, ’cause we are in for a bumpy ride!


The story starts out with a man who fights at a fight-club for money. His name is Charlie. You see, Charlie has never been able to earn any money. Ever. In his life. (but he still owns a pretty sweet apartment.) In his apartment, Charlie notices the news. It reports that Charan Grover, the multimillionaire, has announced that he will be traveling to Dubai to drop off 7 priceless Mughal Dynasty-era diamonds.  Charlie, the broke fighter, realizes that this man is the same man who framed his father for stealing those same diamonds 12 years ago. Charlie quickly assembles a team of masterminds, who are also somehow related to Charlie’s father, Manohar. One of them is a retired bomb squad sergeant who deaf in one ear. He is easily insulted if he hears any meek comments about his mother, who he worships. The team is ridiculously hilarious, but they are working towards one goal: to destroy Charan Grover’s life for ruining Charlie’s father’s life. All this ends up being really funny, and as part of their heist, they have to participate in the WDC: World Dance Championship. The prize? A trophy made of pure gold, and a sample of the Mughal diamonds, and a check for $1,000,000.

Overall Review

This movie contains a lot of action, comedy, and a good storyline. I do not have a score, as it is your duty now to watch the movie and see for yourself, how this movie is. By the way, if you are also a fan of chick flicks, then this movie is also for you. It gets very emotional at times, and if you cry a lot during sad movies, please have Kleenex at the ready, for both the sad and the funny parts. 🙂

Los Agaves

For those who don’t know what Los Agaves is, it is my favorite restaurant, and it is a Mexican grill. Los Agaves currently has 4 locations, located throughout the Quad Cities, which consists of five cities (Yes I know it says “Quad”. I don’t know why it’s called that.). Here is their website. They serve all sorts of Mexican cuisines, such as tostadas, Quesadillas, seafood, and other classics, like Enchiladas and Fajitas. Examples of seafood are: Quesadilla Mazatlan (basically a ten inch thick quesadilla), Shrimp Cocktail, and Ala Diabla (grilled shrimp).

Overall, I thought the place was clean. They wrap forks and knives in napkins, too. They clean the tables the moment someone leaves. The waiters were polite, and understanding, as well (we’re vegetarians). The food was really good. Mexican heaven in my mouth!  They also have Margaritas (don’t ask how they tasted, as I’m 11. You may ask my father, however.). There is a TV lounge. Hey kids, let’s watch Honey Boo Boo while eating a Quesadilla! Not that I’m complaining. There is also a special song they sing for you if it’s your birthday. It is in Spanish, so don’t ask me for the lyrics. As they sing this song you have to wear a sombrero. It looks silly, but I ponder now if that is the whole point. The range of desserts are very very very good. Some examples are Ice cream, Churros, and Fried Ice Cream. Some drinks are Coke, Tea, Lemonade, and Coffee.

Now to the business-y stuff. When you pay, you can pay the bill at the counter and you can also pay the tip at the same place. For people who love those mints from restaurants, they always keep a huge bowl of those at the counter. They have toothpicks as well. Just in case. The prices there range from $3 to $35, so it is surprisingly cheap.

Los Agaves-Interior