Hack Run

Ever wondered what hackers do? Ever wonder, like, how they hack? How they do it? I hate saying this, but “There’s an app for that.” I know, I know. But, seriously. There is an app for that. It’s called Hack Run.

Technically, all it is that it is about a hacker war that turns out ugly. You start out with minimal experience, of course. (I seriously doubt a real hacker would waste their time playing this game, anyway. They’d find a hack within the hacking game. It would sort of be like Inception. A hack in a hack in a hack in a hack. Not cool.) When I say minimal, I mean minimal. The average person would know how to type, at the most. That’s what happened to me. I typed some random things, until I typed ‘help’. That’s when my “adventure” started.

All the game is about is that you’re a hacker looking for a client. That is, up until you meet Larry. Larry becomes your client/boss. He tests you at first, doubting your skills. Then later on, he realizes your importance in the hacking community. Again, up until “The Incident”. There you are, happily hacking your butt off, and you suddenly realize that you’ve hacked in someone’s account by the name of Larry. You don’t connect the dots and look at his files, steal everything that you can. Then you get an e-mail. From Larry. Your boss. Larry is angry at you for hacking into his account. At first you have no idea what’s going on. Then you connect the dots. Larry ends firing you, and you’re back where you’re started. Client-less.

That last paragraph was a summary of what happens in the first half of the game. There are 52 levels, and I encourage you to try it out. I mean, why not?

Going Away Gifts

If you know someone who is leaving and you may not see them for ever again, it is better to present a going away gift. That may help cherish and remember the memories. Since it is a small world, there are still chances of seeing them in the circle of life.

Going away gifts or send off gifts vary from simple gift cards or personalized memorabilia. A picture of them with you can be a good gift or a personalized message on a cup is good too. You may give them a gift card to the store they like, but they may not have access to the store or online shopping. A simple greeting card would serve the purpose of getting your message across.


A wall painting with flowers or pets is a good choice if they are nature lovers. A craft kit or a do it yourself kit may engage them for a while at the new place. Be sure they have enough place for your gift in their luggage. Or you may overload them with the bulkier items.

Ready to eat food items, chocolates, pastries may be gifted to use instantly but cannot be stored long time. You can think about what they like most or what your vision for them would be and gift the items. Remember that they are overwhelmed by the leaving and may not process the emotion behind your gift right away. But, may be when they look it back it at later they may find it sweet.

A humorous quotation, art, story or, poem may also help you transfer your message. It will be a pleasant experience for you and the receiver if you do not make a lot of fuss about your gift. You can keep it simple and sweet and keep the encounter memorable.

iOS 8

OK, so Apple announced in their new WWDC that they’d be releasing a new software update for iOS devices. That’s right. iOS 8 was just announced in WWDC 2014 in San Fran’s Moscone West. They had said that there would lots of improvements that are on the same iOS 7 interface. Apple also announced their new “Continuity” feature, which allows you work on a device, then if you want to work on an another one, you can just click the app and it will launch, but it will allow you keep working on as normal as possible and as smooth as possible. Apple also says that this will work on any device working on iOS 8 or for computers, OS X Yosemite.

As for changes, Apple announced a new Enterprise feature, which allows businesses to configure their Apple devices to their liking to distribute to their employees. As I watched this being announced, I realized that this part of the Developer conference got the most applause. I was surprised.

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Backwater Gamblers

Backwater gamblers is a show that can be visited every year and you will not feel bored. It is an excitement right in Quad cities which you can enjoy every weekend Memorial day to Labor day. Best of all, the admission is free but donations are requested.

Some attractions seem the same year after year. Some are the same how many times you watch them. Some are even better because your perspective has changed or they might actually have improved. Backwater gamblers is one such show which will wow you every time you visit. The warm weather coupled with the cold river side views make the show more attractive.

BackwaterGamblersThe non-profit ski show has over seventy people team. The age ranges from as young as five to sixty. You will be surprised  by the perfection of the team members, their agility and flexibility while skiing, their strength and passion to excel. Backwater gamblers team is strong when a member falls and the pyramid is broken, the rest of the team continues as nothing ever happened. One tumble does not effect and the other pyramid continues. The people who have fallen wave their hands to let us know they are safe and swim back to the shore.

The choice of music and commentary of Backwater gamblers adds fun to the show while the ski team is preparing. The costumes are bright and colorful. The commentary is full of humor and making fun of each other but only to entertain the audience. The show has won regional and national awards in the past year. They have different sponsors from around the Quad cities.

The show runs for over hour and half. They have concession stands and cold drinks to keep you cool. The admissions is free but $20 donation is requested per family. The show runs 6.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays at 5000 44th St, Rock Island, IL 61201. Enjoy the show and let me know how you like it. 🙂



Visiting a New Born Baby

Visiting a new born baby may be exciting for you and the parents as well. But be prepared and do not be surprised if you do not even get to look at the baby during your visit.


Any new born in the family or friends may tempt you to go visit them. Dropping by is just rude and it is always better to take an appointment to get the suitable time for the new parents. Ask if the parents need any thing to be brought along from the store and may offer to get it.

Remember that the new parents are overwhelmed with the baby and the delivery process. The taking care of the baby and adjusting to the routines is a new effort for the parents. They might be already busy with the doctor appointments for the baby and mother. So, it is better to ask for a suitable time.

What to take

You may take some baby gifts or clothes. You can ask if they prefer some brands or products. It is always good to take some sweets and flowers. Food is appreciated and the new parents do not mind the extra delicacies you bring. Consider their allergies and diet restrictions. They may take some time off from cooking of you take some lunch, dinner or snacks with you.

It would be nice if you take a gift to the siblings or a pet so that they may not feel left out during your visit.

What to talk

Sometimes, the parents are so exhausted that they may not be able to focus on your personal stuff. It is better to discuss about how cute the baby is or about the baby’s resemblance. It is suggested to listen to the parents rather than bragging about your own delivery and child birth. That may be a conversation starter but during your visit you can focus on their stories.

Commenting too much on the baby may be considered a bad omen for the baby in some customs. So, it is better to be neutral. Offer to clean your hands and feet before touching the baby. If the baby or mother is sleeping, let them take their time of rest. If it is time for baby’s feeding, you can excuse yourself politely.

In all, the visit can be pleasant for you and the family if you are prepared and avoid any embarrassment. Let me know how your experience went. 🙂


Papa’s Hot Doggeria

One day, I was on the Interwebs, (Internet)and I came across a website called hoodamath.com, and I found a game called Papa’s Hot Doggeria. I tried it out, and before I knew it, I found myself playing for the last three hours. All I could say was, “Wow this game is addicting! I should write a blog on this!” So here I am.

This game is super addicting. I recommend this game if you are a person who likes to waste their time. No, seriously. I’m not kidding. It will waste your time, in a good way. I promise you’ll have fun. In fact I’ll bet five bucks to a guy who always wins. Yep, I’m that confident.In case you’re wondering, this is not one game. In fact, it’s a whole series of games. The series is called “Papa Louie”.

This game is also very flexible. Let’s say that you want to upgrade your lobby. You can always visit the shop and buy new stuff, like wallpapers and tables and even new clothes for your avatar. This one of the reasons why I think that this one of the reasons this game is addicting.

Another reason I like this game is that it has great graphics. It looks like a game that could easily be on a console. Uh-huh. It’s that good. Plus it never has bugs. It never freezes, never has anything wrong with it. How do I know? I have a great internet connection, so it never does anything listed above.

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Finally, here is the link to the game and the start page.


Papa's Hot Doggeria
Papa’s Hot Doggeria