Getting older, Feeling younger? You are not Alone

Deny the grey hair and ignore the growing children. Are you old enough to be old. How old are you feeling. It is a universal feeling that people do not feel as old as they really are. Men tend to push-up old age until 60s while women may feel old as soon as they see the grey hair. Anyhow,
You are not alone in the ‘growing old – feeling young’ phenomenon. The whole world is with you!

As per the saying, ‘you are as old as you feel’, there is no limit on when you actually decide to be old. While the age may catch up and delay your physical abilities and features, your heart may feel ten to fifteen years younger. Or you may be stuck up in the twenties as well.

Well, according to the people around you and per the social rules, you are expected to behave according to your age. That is very well true. But how far can you pretend to be like that
when you are not actually feeling that way. Your actions and talking may reflect your wisdom and experience but it is possible you have never realized that you came so far.

For some people it is also possible to feel ten years older at times and fifteen years younger at times. Further, when you compare the people born in the same year, you may be shocked to see how old they look! Perhaps, you also will realize some day that you have grown up at last.

You may also deny that many people have passed away in the recent years and the young ones born are already going to school. In the immediate family, you may have so many additions and losses without realizing how far you have come. People may look at you as a role model or an example in their lives, but you don’t feel that old yet.

The feeling is common particularly around holidays and special occasions such as .. Hmm, The birthdays. Your child might be bewildered at how old are you and how out dated you are, you keep denying the fact. That’s quite common as well. Sometimes, you might also wonder when did science and technology become so advanced that you are taken aback by it.

It is also important to have a purpose and a job to keep you occupied. Further, do not stop enjoying the life and appreciating the blessings in your life. Some volunteering and some spiritualism also may help in the moral satisfaction part.

Okay, so all the young people out there, don’t worry about the age. Keep doing what you want to and what you are supposed to and the age won’t bother you. Stay young at heart and stay happy. Don’t forget the healthy diet and frequent exercise which can really keep you young. You will catch up someday. 🙂