Is early marriage the only solution

Recently, the Chief Minisiter of Haryana in India made a statement early marriage of girls is the solution to avoid rapes. As if molestation and abuse of women would stop with just marrying. Rapes and abuse of women go unnoticed and unsolved though it is a major security issue to the society itself. The developed nations with strict laws and advaced law enforcements also are facing this emabarassing issue.

Women have been playing the equal in the world starting from the evolution of human beings. They have been taking up multi tasks such as the unique task of child bearing, raising good citizens, taking care of the family members, educationg self and society. Modern women have been exploring careers in every field and there has been no limit for their achievements. But, in every field women are so vulenerable due to thier natural shyness and soft nature.

World has seen many women leaders and exemplary behaviors. But, I’m sure all those women too must have faced some discrimination due to their gender. Families and soceity do recognise the importance of the girl’s role in the growth. They are willing to educate the girl child and let them explore their dreams. Governments are providing 30 percent reservation for women in all fields. But, are we educationg them enough to handle the pressures of exploitation and abuse.

Families and governments should encourage the victims of rape and abuse to come forward and report. It is unjust that the culprit roams away freely and the victim has to suffer the abuse throughout the life. There must be strict enforcements and punishments in the society for such offenders. To be able to get away from the offense will help the rapisits to commit more crimes and torture more women.

Awareness of abuse has increased in the society. School children are being encouraged to stand up and talk about the abuse and report to the elders and school authorities. Various graphical demonstrations and  methods of abuse are shown to children to let them know what exactly is getting abused mean. But, the children are being helpless in the cases where immediate family members themselves are abusing the children. In those cases, to avoid embarassment even the reported cases are going unpunished due to societal pressures.

Just marrying at an early age will not solve the problem. What if the attacks continue after the marriage. How badly the society is changed that they gang rape a woman and spread the video of it on the internet. We all should be ashamed of such people. Why we are letting them get away is a constant burning question. The basic mindset of the society and men has to be changed through awareness programs and law enforcement. To respect women and treat them with proper etiquette and having the fear of getting punished is a must for all men.

Sometimes, I wonder why are we turning in to animals after all this development and scientific advancements. Where is the basic control of the mind and why is it okay to do whatever we want. We have been given freedom to pursue our dreams and make our fortune but are we allowed to mistreat others?