iPhone 5

There is a new Apple iPhone 5 announced yesterday. Again, new features, sleek design, retina display, 4G, but missing the favorite youtube. The Siri had learnt a lot in this version and the Apple phone charger is dual sided. One more gadget to be lying around the house, huh.

Aplpe released the thinnest and lightest iPhone 5. Here are some highlights:

  1. The latest phone comes with iOS 6 to allow fastest downloads.
  2. The 8 mega pixel camera has been improved and is thinner than the 4S camera.
  3. The thin connector is dual sided and can be connected to other accessories using an adapter.
  4. The 4inch retina display is taller and allows you to type easily.
  5. Siri learnt new languages and general information about sports and restaurants.
  6. The new audio is sharp with reduced noise.
  7. Facebook integration allows to post directly from the notification center.
  8. The A6 chip allows faster data transfer and graphics performance.
  9. The inbuilt LTE wireless technology allows faster downloads and connectivity.
  10. Enhanced earpods with beamforming sounds.

So, you a have a new reason to buy the new phone. Apple had released one. You may wonderwhat to do with the old phones lying around the house and when the next one will be released. You can donate, exchange, gift, sell, or use them as additional browsers and cameras.

Missing youtube from the iPhone is a shock to the users but lets see how far the iPhone 5 will connect to the world. 🙂

Family NIght at Figge Art Museum

This Saturday, the fifteenth of September Figge Art Museum is hosting a free family day. The special exhibits include the Exploring NASA and Blast off events. The timings are from 11 am to 2pm.

Figge Art Museum is hosting a family event on this Saturday, for which there is no admission fees. The special programs include Star Lab, Astronomy talks, fun activites for kids, and so on. Visit the studios from 11 am to 2pm for a family fun. Local sponsors such as John Deere are sponsoring this free event.

The Figge is also part of the East West River Fest and has art galleries in european, Afreican-American, American, and ancient art. There additional collections include Asian and Mexican Colonial arts. It is a good opportunity to visit the Figge Art museum during the NASA days.