Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure was founded by Nancy G. Brinker in 1982 to spread the breast cancer awareness in the world. Today, the group is the largest in the world to support breast cancer movement. Special races are held worldwide to raise funds and support the patients. You can participate in the races or donate the non-profit organization to support their cause.

Initially, only women were allowed to participate in the races. Later, men, children, families, and organisations joined the races. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure conducts special races which include:

  1. Race for the Cure
  2. Rally for the Cure
  3. Bowl for the Cure
  4. Cook for the Cure
  5. 3 Day Walk for the Cure
  6. Ride for the Cure

You can see thousands of people participating in the races. Some of them are fighting breast cancer, some have lost families due to the disease, some are honoring their acquaintances, while some are just having fun in the sun by walking. A festive environment can be found at the races with dances, freebies, DJ’s, live music shows, and performances before and after the races.

The entry for the race costs from $25 and you can contribute more by additional donations. Participating in the race is a special excitement for the people as it gives a sense of satisfaction to having done something for the cause. The winners get a prize of course. But, everybody is a winner for having getting outside and participating in the race.

Numerous information centers are set up during the race so that people can get to know about the check ups and tests to be done. Information is given on what to do and whom to approach in case of any symptoms of breast cancer. Contact the Quad city Affiliates if you want to participate in the race. There may be no cure as of now for the disease but the fighting spirit prevails.


Dispatch Argus

The largest selling newspaper in the quad cities with the most accurate information is the Quad cities Dispatch Argus. The paper costs less than a dollar a day but is the only source for exclusive news in sports, politics, entertainment, arts, weather, and so on. Dispatch covers local, national, and international news in the area bringing up to date news. The coupons which drop by every other day along with the paper are the most precious.

Dispatch Argus

The Dispatch and the Rock Island Argus are the local newspapers found in 1878 and 1853 respectively. They serve the local areas with both the papers carrying the same news except modifyng the cover page to suit the individual areas. They both were acquired by the Small Newspaper Group in 1986. The news can also be accessed at their website qconline.com.

Dispatch covers local news and all the articles are well researched, written and edited. Pictures accompany some articles to give more details. The different sections of the paper which appear on special days include:

  1. Cover page
  2. Sports
  3. Arts
  4. Faith
  5. Home
  6. Automobile
  7. World
  8. Comics
  9. Teen
  10. Obituaries
  11. Events
  12. Entertainment
  13. Movie Reviews
  14. Crime reports
  15. Politics
  16. Jobs
  17. Finance
  18. Weather
  19. Honor rolls
  20. Education

Local people including friends and families are featured in the newspaper for their special achievements. Special happenings such as births, marriages, engagements, divorces, and deaths are published in the paper to spread the word easily. On request, Dispatch publishes free obituaries up to 25 lines to honor the local residents who passed away. The local crimes and other follow ups can be tracked through the paper. Families and teenagers can write to the paper to ask a specific question they are facing and can get expert suggestions while being anonymous.

Dispatch Argus supports local students by publishing their essays, achievements, scholarships,  and the Regional Annual Spelling Bee. Photo contests are held occasionally and local residents are encouraged to send in the pictures. Frequent job positions in the paper include journalists, writers, editors, home delivery, and so on. 

Dispatch provides exclusive coupons apart from special news. Local stores provide deals and discounts through the newspaper and can be used during the valid period. Dispatch provides great news in simple language for people of all ages. Children are encouraged to read the newspaper to improve the awareness of the world around them and also their reading and comprehension. You can also sponsor the newspaper for a day to a local school through their special partnership program.

To subscribe to the Dispatch Argus, call 309 797 0345 or 800 660 2472. You can also visit their website to check out the different delivery options.