Saris at Sears

Yes, ladies. Sears is selling saris on its website. So, now ladies can purchase the exquisite Indian saris at their own pace instead of rushing to major cities!

Sears is a major supplier of appliances, electronics, kitchen, jewelry, and clothing. They are catering to the needs of large Indian community by selling saris. You can find a wide variety of Silk, Georgette, Crape saris in luxury, printed, and casual models. Saris do come with blouse piece so that you don’t have to buy another one.

Some saris are marketplace items that is they are sold by a third party through Sears. The price range of the saris is between $25 to $200 or more. Check with your local store for site to store pickup. Extra shipping charge is applicable on some items.

Sears is expecting a 20% increase in sales through saris. The flexible return policy makes the purchases easier as the customer can return the item if they are not satisfied with the material of the sari. It is a welcoming change and a lot more encouraging for even  more shopping! 🙂

International Women’s Day 2012

World is celebrating the 101 st International Women’s Day on March 8 with seminars and events everywhere. Women have emerged as a global power fighting for their rights and demanding equal status in the society. Women bring a lot of difference in daily lives as well in global developments. The female is needed every where but has been limited most of the time.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 since 1911. Global events and seminars mark the celebration of women and their success. Women have been encouraged to vote, lead, manage, and negotiate in political, business, health, education, sports, military, and family among other areas. Special privileges and reservations have been given to women for bringing up the status of the girl power.

China, Nepal, Cuba, Russia are some of the countries which declare March 8 as a national  holiday. While in some countries such as China only women get a national holiday on March 8, some other countries such as Bulgaria celebrate Women’s day as Mother’s day.

Women presidents, Prime ministers, Home ministers, and other representatives bring empathy and leadership in the politics. In corporate sectors, women are largely encouraged to take up high positions as they bring a great deal of patience often required for these jobs. Education for girls and employment for women has been a common agenda for most of the nations. Parents consider girl as a crucial asset for the family and respect women in the family to a a great extent.

Women networks in workplace a common for many multinational companies to address women issues and encourage women. Support groups have been established to bring awareness among women about right and wrong and other abuse aspects. Women courts have been providing special legal and family justice for women in many parts of the world.

Areas of Improvement

However, women in some countries such as Saudi Arabia cannot drive or cannot travel alone, while in USA women do not have a right to have an abortion. Some countries such as Afghanistan are rated as most dangerous place for women. Rapes, abduction, abuse, discrimination, and murder of women is still a common phenomenon. Women safety is a prime concern for most countries. Lack of  basic food, shelter, and clothing is still prevalent in most parts of the world.

Women organisations have been helping women for their growth. Women must get education and be independent by getting a job. Fighting for the rights and demanding justice and respect must be a women’s responsibility. A woman should respect herself and gain confidence in self to shine in the world. Putting others first and letting self down is not a solution and the right example in all cases. Communication and networking skills are a must for a successful career. Personal safety and awareness of surroundings is the necessity of the modern world.

Finally, respecting other women, spreading love, and appreciating womanhood also give a positive approach to the daily situations. Do respect women in your family, workplace, and in your community to celebrate the International Women’s Day.