Happy Valentine’s Day

Do something special for your partner this Valentine’s day to make it a memorable one.  Expression of love is playing a major part in the busy lives and hectic schedules. The cost of the gift may not quantify your love but sure makes an impression. Sometimes a small gesture or a thoughtful appreciation leads to magical results.

Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide to express love though its origins are unknown. It is the right time to show the bottled love and affection which may yield more in turn. The day marks the celebration of love with exchange of flowers, chocolates, and gifts.

The celebration of Valentine’s day has spread to schools where children are encouraged to share small valentines or cards. Some schools have class room parties and other crafts. Weddings and engagements are common on Valentine’s day or proposals might be on the rise. Special crafts, recipes, and personalized gifts are shared on Valentine’s day.

The anti-Valentine’s day brigade is also becoming popular by people who believe that all the expense is futile. Some think that the time and effort is wasted in unnecessary hype and artificial expression.

However, a universal celebration of love can be appreciated anytime of the year. 🙂