January Events

The first month of the year is packed with events which are getting pretty difficult to manage. With first snow (and storm), January is getting busier. Here are some of the events in the area.

  1. Bettendorf family museum is offering free evening admission on January 16th from 5pm to 8pm on Martin Luther King Jr.’s day. Enjoy the exhibits and explore nature wonders at the museum.
  2. Moline library is offering a range of free programs including Messy Monday on January 16th, Lego club on January 19th, and Contented canines on January 25th. Registration may be required for some programs. Check the timings before going.
  3. Rock Island Center for Math and Science is offering a free STEM program on January 24th 5pm to 7pm in coordination with IMSA. Children can do variety of science experiments and win prizes!
  4. iwireless center is hosting the World’s toughest rodeo show on January 27th and January 28th at 7.30 pm. Admission is from $18 to $35 and a special goody bag for $55 seat tickets.
  5. Rivercenter Davenport is hosting the Quad City Boat and Vacation show this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Special gifts for children visiting early on Sunday.
Visit the programs and be safe in the weather. 🙂



Bald Eagle Days

The national bird returns to the lands of Mississippi commencing the 25th annual bald eagle days. Over 2500 bald eagles return every year in search of food and shelter. QCCA Expo Center is hosting the annual bald eagle days show this Friday through Sunday. Watch the show for some live birds of prey and other animals from Niabi zoo apart from the bald eagle.

  1. QCCA Expo Center is hosting the annual bald eagle show this weekend. The center will host over 100 booths demonstrating animals from Niabi zoo, Pella wildlife, and birds of prey. The show is open from 4pm to 8pm on Friday,  8 am to 6.30 pm on Saturday, and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday. The event costs $5 for adults and $1 for children.
  2. Mississippi River Visitor Center is hosting the 42nd annual bald eagle show on weekends from January 14 to February 12 from 9.30 am to 11 am and 12.30 pm to 2pm. Call 309 794 5338 ahead for reservations as the group is limited for the clock tower tour.
  3. Clinton Bald Eagle Watch is this Saturday from live birds, wild life exhibits, activities for children, and door prizes. The event is free to public and may host a tour to the bald eagle watching time permitting.

If you cannot go to any of these events, drive by the Mississippi river Lock and dam #13 and #14 during afternoons for a better viewing and picture opportunities. 🙂

Happy New Year 2012

The New Year marks a universal celebration and brings hope in to many people worldwide. With 2011 being the year of disasters and protests, let’s hope 2012 to be a joyful year.

Happy New Year 2012

New year brings joy to everyone with people celebrating on the streets in all arts of the world. Despite the disasters and grievances, people have in deed celebrated new year with friends and family. The hope and passion keeps life running and leads in to new directions.

Revoking past resolutions or taking up new ones is a common trend. Health takes priority over financial prospects. Quitting some habits and taking up new ones is trending during the new year celebrations.

Many new laws come into effect in the new year in the United States. Illinois requires all passengers to be wearing seat belt regardless of age and position in the car. Many states have set up strict laws for immigrants and gay rights. Check your balances and future plans in the new year and set up less shopping targets. 🙂

Happy New Year 2012!