Putnam Museum – Fun in the Exhibits

Putnam museum is offering unique events and fun opportunities this holiday season. Visit Putnam this Thursday and Friday for a Pyjama party. Further, December 26th thru Dec 30, Putnam is hosting special events for all.

Putnam Museum

Putnam is a venue for different exhibits and shows for Quad city residents. They encourage fun and learning and is a great place for the IMAX movies.

Pyjama Party

Putnam is hosting the pyjama party this Thursday and Friday from 5pm to 10pm. Each ticket costs $10. Audience can watch Polar Express in 3D and get their flashlights ready for a total lights out experience.

Fun in the Exhibits

Putnam is arranging family friendly activities in the exhibit halls from Dec 26th to Dec 30 from 1pm to 3pm. The events are free with the museum admission $7.

  1. December 26th – Travel around the world on Map-it Monday
  2. December 27th – Explore the gadgets on Tech Tuesday
  3. December 28th – Encounter hands on science experiments on Weird Wednesday
  4. December 29th – Solve puzzles and numbers on Think tank Thursday
  5. December 30th – Visit live animals and birds on Friends of Nature Friday
Visit the museum during the special events to make most of the holidays. Get a free pass at the public library and have more fun. šŸ™‚

TVDL Illinois

Temporary Visitor Drivers Licence (TVDL) is issued to legal residents in the United States who are not eligible for a Social Security Number. Until lately, there was no such provision but in 2005 Illinois started issuing TVDL to enable the residents drive.

International students and spouses of temporary international workers may apply for a TVDL as they are not eligible to work in the United States. They are legal residents but areĀ ineligibleĀ for a Social Security number. In order to facilitate driving for these residents, a TVDL is issued.


Bloomington, Rockford, Springfield, Carbondale, and Chicago are the offices that issue a TVDL. They process TVDL only on certain days of the week.Ā Take the following original documents to your nearest DMV office.

  1. No SSN letter from the Social Security Office issued within the last 90 days
  2. Passport with original I94
  3. Any mail with name and address within last 30 days
The documents will be verified using the online verification system. If there is any additional verification, a second visit maybe required.


An applicant must be having at least six months visa and one year valid stay while requesting a TVDL. Ā A TVDL is valid until three years or the visa expiry date whichever is sooner.

A TVDL can be extended after receiving the extension notice from the USCIS. The application may be sent for additional processing. The DMV will issue an invitation letter to revisit the DMV office to get the renewal.


First time applicants have to go through vision test, computer test, and driving test. Applicants renewing TVDL may have to go through vision test and other tests if required.

Once all the tests have been passed, a photograph is taken and the TVDL will be issued. It may be a shocking and tiring process but the pain is worth. The stringent rules by the Illinois DMV may seem ridiculous but at the end ensure the safety of the drivers.