iPhone 4S

Just before  Steve Jobs passed away, Apple introduced its iPhone 4S, which is basically same as iPhone4 but has inbuilt voice assistant Siri. It also features 8 Megapixel camera for better face detection and video stabilization. iPhone 4S also has iCloud which can synchronize all your Apple devices.

iPhone 4S already sold out its pre orders for its latest features. Apple fans are ordering the latest version of the iPhone series. Its latest features include dual core A-5 chip, built in assistant Siri, Bluetooth 4.0, 8 mega pixel camera, iOS 5, iCloud, along with other built-in applications. The data download speed of iPhone 4S is 14.4 Mbps which is double the iPhone 4.

  1. The A-5 chip is the Package-on-package System-on-a-chip developed by Apple. Apple had already released the iPad 2 with the A-5 chip followed by the iPhone 4S. Apple claims that the chip is seven times faster than A4 and has better image processing capabilities. Manufactured by Samsung, A-5 chip is the latest chips by the Apple which is included in the iPhone 4S.
  2. The voice assistant Siri, the Beta version, sends messages, sets up reminders, makes phone calls, schedules meetings, sets messages, and son based on your voice. You can activate the commands through voice and the assistant replies to you as if a person is reading to you. You can check the weather in a particular place, find out local restaurants, and movie theaters through your voice commands.
  3. Bluetooth 4, primarily consumers 90 per cent less energy. It is useful for medical technologies and medical devices for capturing the data within up to 20  feet. iPhone 4S features Bluetooth 4, through which you can synchronize and control other bluettoh devices such as headset, or mouse, or keyboard, or television.
  4. The 8 mega pixel camera is the next big thing in the iPhone 4S. Additional face detection capabilities along with auto focus, illumination sensors enhance the picture quality. Grid zoom facilities and tap to focus help to take better pictures and videos. The video stabilization in iPhone 4S is claimed to be better than the iPhone 4.
  5. iOS 5 is the latest operating system from Apple that has extended features such as messaging from one Apple device to other, seeing voice messages, capturing pictures, checking instant messages right from the lock screen. Te Notification Center acts as a one stop for all the mails, calendars, reminders, tweets, face book messages and so on.  iOS 5 has inbuilt twitter making easy social networking.
  6. The biggest buzz about the iCloud is synchronizing all your Apple devices such as the Mac book, Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and so on. That means, you can download a book on a phone and read it anywhere on your computer or pad or mac book without synchronizing with a wire. It is automatically updated on all your Apple devices.

Compare the Apple iPhones before purchasing and the new features will pave way for more discoveries in the future models. It seems, Steve Jobs laid out future plans for the next four years despite his illness. While some argue that nothing is new in iPhone 4S, some see innovations and advanced technologies in built. 🙂


October is the time for apple picking, fall colors, and Halloween preparations. Parades, tours, costumes, and travelling are major occasions where we all can have some outdoor fun before winter sets in.

Apple Picking

Apple is the most favorite fruit and is ready for picking during the fall. Here are some local famrs where you can pick your own apples for a minimal cost.

  1. Tanners Orchard, Speer IL
  2. Stone’s Apple Barn, East Moline IL
  3. HappyHollowUpick, Port Byron, IL
Check with the farm for the timings and special events.

Fall Colors

Fall is the time when leaves stop producing chlorophyll gradually. The carotenoids which were always present now make the leaves turn yellow, purple, red, crimson before they finally fall. Follow a river in your local area to get the best view of the fall colors.

  1. Mississippi Palisades National Park, Savanna, IL
  2. Galena, IL
  3. Spoon River Scenic Drive, Fulton County, IL

Check the weather and routes before setting off to enjoy the nature.

Halloween: Parades and Trick or Treat

  1. Rock Island District – Oct 27th 5pm to 8pm
  2. Le Claire – Parade on Oct 29th 11am to 1pm,  Trick or Treat on Oct 30th 6pm to 8 pm
  3. Davenport – Oct 28th 5pm to 7pm
  4. Bettendorf – Oct 31 5pm to 7pm
  5. Moline – Oct 31 5pm to 7pm
  6. South Park Mall – Oct 29th 4pm to 6pm
  7. Quad City Botanical Center – Oct 30th 1pm to 4pm

Follow the safety rules during Halloween parades to make it more enjoyable and memorable.

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder passed away leaving his followers sad. All are praying for his soul to rest in peace and hoping strength for the family members.

Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. He was suffering since 2007 and underwent multiple surgeries and treatments in the battle. Though there is no known cure for cancer, efforts have been made to reduce the pain. Steve Jobs has been a role model for many engineers, computer professionals and entrepreneurs.

He found Apple computers in 1976 and had led many product innovations including the ipod, mac book, iPhone along other products. Steve Jobs and his expertise will be missed. He was just 56 years old.

The iPhone 4s released just before his death already sold out in pre orders. Apple and Steve Jobs laid future product plans for next four years before Jobs died.