Frost Tonight!

Bring in the lovely plants. It is going to be frosty tonight in the early morning.

Weather experts predict frost in the mornings despite the temperature. So, it is suggested to bring the outdoor plants inside during the nights.

After a while, they have to be inside anyways due to the low temperatures and snow and cold.

Plants cannot survive the extreme temperatures and hence you need to move them. This is the right time. ­čÖé

Dookudu Movie Review

Prince Mahesh babu’s Dookudu overwhelms worldwide audience with impeccable performance, music, dances, dialouges,┬á sentiment, and unlimited comedy. The movie is a major hit setting up all time records for the hero as well as the director Srinu Vaitla.


Dookudu has a family bondness sentiment. Ajay’s (Mahesh) father Shankar anna (Prakash Raj) dedicates his life to the poor people in the slums of Hyderabad. He is liked by many people and worshipped for his social service. Shankar anna and his friends get attacked by his enemies and looses his life.

Ajay relocates to Mumbai where he grows up with his aunt’s family. He becomes a police officer and works with a group of efficient team in tackling mafia in Mumbai. Ajay proves to be fearless and daring in his job and catches big criminals. In the process, he captures one of close associates of Nayak (Sonu Sood), the biggest of mafia leaders. Nayak kills his own associate while in police custody and hence Ajay’s team gets suspended.

Ajay and his team travel to Istanbul to track the criminals. He meets Prashanthi (Samantha) who travelled to Istanbul to attend a fashion competition. He falls in love with her who in turn seems to be uninterested in him. He first tries to impress her with his charm but fails to get her attention.

The story then takes multiple turns and the audience realizes that Shankar anna is alive but has weak heart and cannot handle sudden bad news. So, Ajay pretends that everything is normal and rwquests all his relatives to act normal. He pretends to be an MLA as his father wanted him. In the midst of all the make up, he plans funny events which are hillarious. Further, he also tries to track people who attacked his father and also the mafia leaders. The rest of the story is how Ajay tries to balance his love, career, personal vengeance, and family responsibilities.


The reality show comedy by Brahmanandam, the old hero episode by MS Narayana, and the cool guy by Dharma varapu are a major highlights among other comedians. All the comedians and artists are well blend in to the story without any major bumps. Fights are a must in Mahesh’s movie and are matching the expectations. Whenever there is a fist fight, the audience can see a lightning effect or a fire at the contact. Music by Thamman is different though the lyrics are not catchy in all the songs. The item song by Parvathi Melton and the title song are the ones which are instantly likeable. The main villain, the gorgeous┬áSonu Sood was downgraded to an old person lest he would dominate the hero. ­čÖé

‘Mind lo fix aite, blind ga doosukellipota’, ‘Nee kosam wait cheyyataniki emaina fans anukuntunnava, Poleeece’, and other local slangs are never heard in the recent past. Prince Mahesh babu and Samantha’s costumes are good and rich. The locations of songs in Istanbul, Germany, Mumbai, and Hyderabad are good and different. While some are arguing that there is nothing new in the movie, the entire movie creates a magic and needs a second chance. Overall, the movie is a major hit for Mahesh and a mega blockbuster until the next one. ­čÖé

Moline Library Putnam Museum Passes

Moline public library is giving Putnam museum passes this month for free. The pass is good for a week  for a family of four per visit. Also, get passes for free admission to the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds this Sunday and get a free book.

Free Programs

The local library is a great source for books and other programs which are available mostly free of charge. Some of the interesting activities for children in this month include:

  1. Pre-school story time
  2. Book Bunch Club
  3. Reader’s Theater
  4. Anime Club
  5. Teen Club
  6. Lego Club

The Putnam Museum pass is good for one week and is not valid for the IMAX theater. You can register through phone  309-524-2480or through the moline public library website.

At the children’s desk pick up a book mark that is also a free pass to the Reading Adventures event scheduled this Sunday from noon to 5 pm at the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds. Every child under 12 years receive a free book. Area authors will read out stories at 2 pm to the children. Inflatables, rides, and other crafts will engage children for the entire afternoon.


Quad Cities Balloon Festival 2011

The Quad Cities Balloon Festival is planned from September 23rd to 25th at the Kennedy Square in East Moline. The event is free but donations of non-perishable food items are encouraged. All the proceedings from the QC Balloon Festival go toward the River Bend Food Bank Backpack Program, which feeds hungry children in Quad Cities.

The QC Balloon festival is scheduled from September 23rd to 25th. The event hosts the launch of 20 hot air balloons, glowing in the dark, art fair, car show, and pan cake breakfast. The pilots are local experts in launching and operating hot air balloons. The pilots involve in different competitions including bean bag toss and races.

River Bend Food Bank is a hunger relief organization which feeds 45, 000 meals for children every year. It also operates four Kids Cafe Sites and Backpack Program. Through the Backpack Program, the food bank aims to supply food for children who do not have food during weekends. Every Friday, the kids who do not have food facilities at home are given easily cook able meals packets for use during the weekends.

You can park your vehicle at the Kennedy Square Parking lot and bring your lawn chairs to enjoy the show. The festival is handicap accessible but does not allow smoking and pets. The Balloon launch is scheduled for Friday and Sunday 5pm and Saturday 7am. While all the activities are dependent on weather, let’s hope for a fun filled Balloon festival. ­čÖé

Reckless Driving

Most drivers get comfortable behind the wheel over time and take certain risks which may or may not be safe for them. Reckless driving includes speeding, ignoring traffic rules, and willful disregarding the road safety.

Here are some examples of reckless driving:

  • Approaching a traffic signal, stop sign, exit, or construction zone with high speeds and slowing with sudden breaks
  • Speeding in school zones, construction zones, and on highways
  • Not following lane change rules and indicator lights
  • Excessive speeding, that is, ten over the speed limit
  • Damaging property or other vehicles by dashing
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicles or other right-of-way
  • Passing a parked school bus, passing two vehicles, or passing in a no-pass zone

Reckless driving may cause heavy fines and may result in imprisonment in case of death or injury. Each state has a different rule and fines for reckless driving. It also may result in suspension of driving licence and may show bad report in background checking.

Hence, reckless driving must be avoided in all circumstances and it is always suggested to drive safe and obey the traffic rules.