Back to School Infections

Your kid is prone to multiple allergies and infections apart from learning and fun when he gets back to school. Spring allergies, red eye, strep throat, cold, cough are some of the common threats which your child may encounter during the initial days.

Young children might forget the rules of cleanliness when they are playing or interacting with other peers. Here are some common precautions that you can take to tackle back to school infections:

  1. Remind your child of cleanliness and personal hygiene
  2. Ask them not to share any personal items with others and keep contact minimal
  3. Let them wash their hands with during the breaks or disinfect the hands using a hand sanitizer
  4. Pack them healthy food and snacks particularly fresh fruits that boost their immunity and metabolism
  5. Clean their water bottles and lunch boxes with soap and water
  6. Change the tooth brush every three months or after they recover from any fever
  7. Let the child rest a lot ten to twelve hours of sleep that can reboot their energy levels for the next day
  8. If you notice any infection or allergy, supply them with enough rest and medication
  9. If needed, let the child stay at home for a day until the allergy reduces
  10. Give the child allergy medicine or cold medicine for three days

If the infection persists more than a week, it is better to contact the paediatrician as they might suggest the correct antibiotics to treat the infection.

Back to school learning might be fun, but the allergies and infections hinder the child’s interest to get back to school and work. 🙂



Kids and Money: Why Children Need Money

Parents argue that why do the children need money when they are willing to buy everything for thier children. In contrast, children think having money is cool and they can buy whatever they want. Well, it all depends on the family circumstances on how early one can teach their children about money. Experts suggest the sooner one introduces money to a child, the better the child gets at finances when they grow older.

Teaching Money

The age old piggy bank system does not seem to working in the modern days. All children are looking out for immediate gratification and instant rewards. Why the kids are fascinated about money? It may be the fascination towards the power of money to buy anything or the mess adults make around finances or savings. Parents may wonder why children need to get money when they are struggling very hard to earn it.

Children see a toy as a need while parents might think, it is a waste. 🙂 Teaching money to children is as important to teach any other basic life skills. Initially, counting the coins and identifying and grouping them might be a good idea to start with. Handling small amounts of money to save in the piggy bank or purse helps them understand the importance of saving.

Handling Money

Being money smart can be taught to children by actually handling them some money, say, ten dollars. Allowing them to spend and observing how they take care of the cash will help parents in giving feedback. As it is a small amount, some mistakes may be permitted to facilitate their learning. By learning their spending patterns or saving habits, parents can help the children improve their money skills.

Handling money for children in turn for small chores around the house is a traditional and good idea. Depending on their age children can be appreciated and rewarded for minor chores such as putting the toys away, sorting laundry, throwing waste, unpacking groceries, keeping their room clean and so on. Older children may be allotted additional tasks such as vacuum cleaning, lawn mowing, snow blowing, raking leaves, baby sitting, and so on.

The minimum age at which children can start earning is 14 and it may vary by state. While handling money in return for chores, parents must always emphasize that education is the top priority for children and that earning comes only at a later stage in life.

Spending and Saving

Spending the money appropriately and identifying the change is a good skill for children. Basic math skills can be put to use while children learn money management. Children can be supervised while performing small transactions such as ordering their food, buying their favorite toys, choosing their video games, and so on. Calculating and handling change is also a good skill to be taught to children.

Letting the children save their money (which is hard :)) in a piggy bank or a bank account for future use is a good idea. Keeping track of the money initially through a small note book is suggested so that every body has a track of the money. Accounting and budgeting can also be introduced to children apart from buying and saving.

While financial management is the constant learning for most adults, it is also crucial for children. Children learn by observing parents and might want to exercise their own money management techniques. Sometimes parents may be surprised to hear the ideas from children that they could never think of. 🙂

August Events 2011

Quad city residents look forward for the annual Mississippi Valley Fair, Tug fest, River roots, Tax free weekend in August. Make the most of the rest of the summer with the events and sun. 🙂

August brings back many events to the locals.

  1. The MV Valley fair offers a free admission to kids today apart from other grand stand shows. – The fair ends this Sunday and costs $10 for adults and $3 for children.
  2. Illinois hopes to win the Tug fest this year too. – Get your lawn chairs to Port Byron or Le Claire from Aug 11 to 13th to enjoy the cool river side and hot sun. The event has minimum admission fee that is donated to wards charity.
  3. River roots live is set to rock downtown Davenport with great food and music. – The free event on August 19th and 20th is full of free music and interesting food that comes yearly once. 🙂
  4. Tax free weekends in Iowa this Friday and Saturday allows you to buy garments or shoes sales tax free for up to $100. – Illinois residents may visit Iowa stores and avail the facility as Mr. Quinn does not declare any tax free holidays for Illinois. 🙂
  5. Movies in the park start this Friday in Moline showing Tangled this week and Tron legacy next Friday. – Again, get your lawn chairs, blankets, and bug repellents to enjoy the free movie with pop corn.
These events provide opportunity to enjoy the little outdoor fun opportunities we have before the onset of the cold weather. 🙂