Motorola Xoom

With the deluge of tablets being released, it has become tedious to decide which one is the best. Motorola Xoom, the latest in the tablet family performs well in the wireless networks for multimedia operations and web browsing. The high priced tablet is a good add on if you are a gadget geek. 🙂

With 10.1 inch display and 1280 x 800 screen resolution, Motorola Xoom is best suited for videos. It is built with Google Android and Honeycomb 3.0. Released in January 2011, the tablet has 32 GB with 1 G Hz processing speed. It weighs around 25 ounces and though some of its features are still being developed, the Xoom is admired by many for its flexibility.

The music is crisp and clear and the video streaming is good. The tablet has support from Google maps, e-books and blue tooth. The mail notification system is at the right hand corner which helps to enjoy the current program uninterrupted. The widgets can be scrolled and stacked on the home screen itself apart from searching and arranging.

You can attaching external memory and though Flash is not inbuilt, it can be downloaded. You can also transfer files from your computer through a cable. You can rent movies, buy applications, and games through the Android market. The tablet is available in different versions and is priced from about $500 to $800.

One can open and view MS Office files through the applications. You can work on Google documents and write blogs using the tablet. The tablet is good for on the go internet, multimedia, emails, and video chatting. The 4G upgrade is planned to release in September 2011. The microSD feature is expected with software upgrade. Its optional accessories include a charging cum speaker dock, wireless keyboard, protective case, vehicle adapter and so on.

The major drawbacks include the high price, limited applications, poor resolution in games, cramped keypad, and heavier than its competitors. Most of the games and applications seem to hang and quit while downloading itself. Despite the dual cameras, the pictures are not that clear.

My favorite part of the tablet is the fruit slicing game and one touch email. Motorola Xoom is a favorite if you need flexibility and watch a lot of videos. (The only reason people buy a tablet is – slightly larger than a smart phone and slightly smaller than a laptop. duh!  :))

Heat Wave

Yeah, after the snow storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones – it is the time for heat waves. The entire nation is captured by extreme temperatures and much more heat indexes. Stay hydrated and cool during the rest of the little summer we are going to have. 🙂

The much awaited summer does not seem to please any body. People planning for vacations and trips during the summer have to deal with the extreme temperatures apart from unemployment,  high fuel rates, construction zones (huh) and speeding tickets! The heat is in deed a concern for people without air conditioning and proper ways to cool down. Here is how you can stay safe and cool during the scorching summer.

  1. Drink a lot of water for every couple of hours. Lemonades and mineral water may help in getting more minerals and nutrients.
  2. Do not leave the children in the car. Try to switch on the car before you all can get in to get the car to normal temperatures.
  3. The swimming pools and other water bodies are good to keep cool though may not be suggested during the extreme temperatures.
  4. Avoid travel and all outings during the heat waves. Outdoor activities and camps are not suggested when there is 120 degrees heat index.
  5. Wear loose fitting clothes and light shades as the darker ones attract more heat. Sun screen, cooling glasses, and hats are good accessories.
  6. Notice for extreme nausea, tiredness, and loss of fluids and contact ER if needed. Timely actions may avoid in dangerous situations.
  7. People with chronic diseases, elder people, and children must be examined for any tiredness or symptoms of dehydration or sun strokes.
I wonder where did all the snow vanish and I suppose the global warming is really kicking in. In door air conditioned malls or libraries are best for killing the time rather than the hot 200 degrees temperatures outside. 🙂


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – Part 2

The final series of the Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows Part 2 takes the viewers in to a emotional turmoil and tense ear situations. The movie is crossing all box-office records world wide. The grown up Harry makes extreme sacrifices for saving the Hogwarts and killing his life-time enemy. Many thought he would die in the movie. He did die and came back to life for performing his duties. 🙂

Harry Potter must destroy all the powers of Lord Voldemort acquired in the past. The cup, tiara, elder wand and Nagini are his important powers apart from the vast number of death eaters. Harry, Hermoine, and Weasley set out for searching for the powers. They discover the cup in the vault for which they gain entry with the help of a Goblin.

Next, the three reach Hogwarts to search for the tiara. The dead help them in finding the tiara in the secret hiding place of the Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Voldemort plans attack on the Hogwarts with all his death eaters and evil powers. The professors at the Hogwarts secure the college with certain powers which may not be enough to stop Voldemort, but certainly will slow him down.

In the course of destroying the cup and the tiara, Harry uncovers many secrets about his life and why he is able to see what Voldemort id doing and intends to do. He sets to sacrifice his powers and life in order to kill Lord Voldemort, but magically gets back to life and attacks Voldemort. Hermoine, Weasley, and Neville kill Nagini thus weakening the poers of Voldemort. In the end of a long war, Voldemort dies.

Harry secures the elder wand thinking that the “Wand chooses the Wizard”, but decides to destroy it though its power can make him invincible. Harry and Ginny, Hermoine and Weasley chose to lead a normal life and they send their children to Hogwarts once they grow up. Harry advises his son to choose house which suits him the best. 🙂

The epic finale says that everything ends here but there is still scope for future editions. Maybe J.K.Rowling would not write more books, but many fan fiction series have already published on the internet by fans. If you are disappointed that the story ends here, you may write your own!

The movie will mesmerize you with the plot and the graphics. You will be fascinated by how the little boy is determined and performed for his and common good. Make sure to watch it in 3D and watch it twice to enjoy Harry again. 🙂