Cars 2: Ka-Ching

For all the fans of Lighting McQueen, Cars 2 offers a great entertainment with best pal Mater playing a key role. Cars 2 by Disney Pixar is fun to watch and the humor by the tow truck is engaging. The only thing lacking in the movie is people. 🙂


After winning the piston cup Lighting McQueen plans to take rest for a while in Radiator Springs along with his friends and team members. He plans special days with Sally, but to his despair, his friend Mater joins him everywhere. Although Lighting McQueen appreciates Mater’s friendship, he does not like Mater meddling in his own affairs.

a new entrepreneur designing alternate fuel plans to organize a World Grand Prix and invites major cars in the world to join the race. Lighting McQueen joins the race and this time plans to take Mater along with other team members to the races. The funny old Mater with his natural gestures adds humor and embarrassment to their trip.

While on the tour, mysterious accidents happen with the new fuel and all the participating cars start exploding one by one. The mystery behind these accidents gets the top spies to work. The spies mistake Mater for one of the agents and involve him in the operations. Good Mater thinks that its all part of a dating scheme and joins the game. The rest of the story is how Mater helps solve the case through his wit and wisdom.


The movie casts cars in all the roles including the Queen of England! As the team has to travel world wide, popular locations in Japan, Russia, Italy, France are good. The animations and scenes are engaging and the screenplay is well planned. You would not feel bored but continue laughing with the comedy by Mater.

The sequences, situations, and locations seem so real that one may forget it is involving only cars. Kudos to the Pixar’s animation team for capturing the expressions of the cars just like real people. Overall, you will fall in love with the Mater and Lighting McQueen once again in Cars 2. 🙂

Disowning a Child

Most believe that all children are equal and are treated equally by parents. But, most parents have a personal favorite to whom they may or may not bestow gifts. In contrast, some parents who are disgusted by their children’s choices may even disown them barring from all their properties and inheritances.

Parents versus Children

Some children make their parents proud through their achievements while some others may bring embarrassment and shame on the family through their failures. Regardless of the child, most parents treat children fairly and try to support even in their old age. All children will be equally fed and provided education with some minor adjustments and based on the financial situation of the family.

Children during the young ages look up on the parents as role models and try to learn from them. As life progresses children get busy with studies, jobs, families, which is inevitable and is expected. During the entire process, how efficiently one is balancing parents and siblings expectations differs. While all may not manage equally, most of us feel related and belonged while speaking to a family member or sibling.


Disowning siblings or children is a common phenomenon in families. Due to changes in lives or personal choices many family members may not stand each other and try to avoid each other. Disowning formally involves barring all communication and inheritances which may be further distressful.

Why some chose to disown a child or family member is a individual decision. But, the common psychology may have been in the interest of the child. Many poor families disown their children so that they may find a better family. In modern days, children who marry out of the parents choice or who are drug addicts or have committed serious crimes are all being disowned by parents.

Disowning is an extreme choice and must be done only in severe circumstances. While the disowned may face depression and loss, the dis owner may feel satisfied by being able to do what they wanted to do. Disowning may sometimes provide relief from the emotional burdens. 🙂

Nowadays, some children too are disowning their parents once they become major. Would you disown your children if they acted out of your beliefs and wills?

June Events – Quad Cities

The onset of summer and the Memorial day mark the beginning of many local events. With short trips during the weekends, get the most of the summer and the warm weather. Here is a heads up on June events in and around Quad Cities.

  1. American Pickers Weekend – Visit LeClaire, Iowa for the annual event on June 4th and 5th based on the famous History Channel show ‘American Pickers’. Visit the levee for free music and other shows.
  2. Superman Celebration – The annual celebration from June 9th to 12th provides a unique opportunity to view hundreds in the Superman costume in Metropolis, Illinois.
  3. Mardi Gras in the District – The downtown Rock Island will  host the Mardi Gras festival on June 10th and June 11th hosting entertainment and providing festive mood.
  4. Tom Sawyer Day – Visit the boyhood home of Mark Twain in Hannibal, MO and celebrate the Tom Sawyer Day on June 11th apart from other free events.
  5. Music on the Lawn – The Butterworth center hosts free  music show on June 15th at 9.30 am and 1 pm by famous band.
  6. Quad City Air Show – The Davenport air show is a must watch on June 18th and 19th. It costs $15 per adult, $6 per child, free for children under 3. Book tickets online or at local Hy-Vee stores.
  7. Back Water Gamblers – The free ski show by the volunteers is performed at Rock Island every Wednesdays and Sundays at 6.30 pm up to Labor day.
  8. Butterfly Day – The Quad City Botanical Center will host the butterfly show for children on June 19th 1pm to 3pm at the rate of $5 per person.
  9. Niabi Zoo Wildfest – The zoo and local sponsors host special events and activities for children apart from the regular zoo admission. Niabi zoo is hosting the kids wild fest on June 25th from 9.30 am to 5 pm.
  10. Blossoms on the Butterworth – Visit the Butterworth Center in Moline on June 26th 12 pm to 5pm for the free event and goodies.

Enjoy the events and let me know if you find any more. 🙂