Guide to Quit Smoking

Are you planning to quit smoking or are you preparing to quit smoking? Spread the word and get support of the people around you. Observe the triggers and manage the craving situations with the help of family and friends. Know the results and side effects of quitting smoking and be prepared for the ‘big’ change.

Quitting smoking can be as heard as stopping breathing. Since smokers get addicted to the nicotine, they find it often hard to quit smoking cigarettes. Every cigarette reduces the life time of the smoker by five minutes and eliminates the family life. Quitting needs strong determination and understanding support network.

Here are some tips to quit smoking:

  1. Set a big date, such as, birthday, wedding day, or any other important day
  2. Spread the word among friends, family, and peers
  3. Remove the triggers and stay away from such situations
  4. Stay indoors and smoke free environments
  5. Have a candy or fruit instead of smoking
  6. Keep a list of benefits in the car, at home, and at the office
  7. Set aside a ‘money jar’ to save the money supposed to be spent on cigarettes
  8. Get help on 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669/TTY 1-800-332-8615)
  9. Buy some over the counter cessation medication if needed
  10. Observe the side effects such as weight gain or coughing
  11. Enjoy the smoke free breath, healthy body, and increased savings by quitting
  12. Set a good example for your children and prove that ‘You Can’
  13. Keep busy by walking, playing tennis, enjoying the nature, or start a new hobby such as reading or painting
  14. Stay away from alcohol and drugs as a substitute for smoking
  15. Brush your teeth and stay fresh

Enjoy a smoke free life and offer a good environment for the people around you. Stay fresh and healthy while saving money for your own good by quitting smoking. 🙂

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States. Known for its longest history, amazing natural landscape, hiking and camping ground for the elite, the Grand Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world carved by the Colorado river. Do not miss the Sky walk and the scenic hiking trails when you visit the Grand Canyon National Park.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the home for many living species since four thousand years. Archaeological evidences in the area prove that people did live there since thousands of years. The Grand Canyon is one of the National monuments, national parks and the world heritage sites admired by many. Geologists study its rocks which possess information about  250 million years ago. The erosion is constant through rain and snow causing the natural shapes.

The length of the Grand Canyon is about 277 miles. Its width and depth differ in different places ranging from 6 miles to 20 miles. The South Rim is about 7000 feet above the sea level, whereas the North Rim is 8000 feet above the sea level. The summer and winter temperatures reach the extreme from 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summer to less than zero degrees in winter.


The visitors and hikers in the area must take several precautions while exploring the Grand Canyon. The park entrance fee is based on the type of vehicle one drives. $20 is the charge for a private non-commercial vehicle. If you are driving your own vehicle in to the park, it is better to park in the lots near to the shuttle service. The free shuttle service can be utilized to roam around the park and visit the buildings in the park.

If you plan to see the sunset or sunrise, it is better to take enough time to enjoy the nature rather than rushing your trip. Reach early so that you can find a good spot and relax in the nature. If you are hiking, it is better to carry enough water and food to keep you active through the trail.

It is better to follow a park ranger’s directions to get the most of the park. The views from the South Rim village, Hermits Rest road, and the Desert view drive are the popular ones.  If you hike the Grand Canyon, you can visit the North Rim and if you take a mule ride, you can go in to the Inner Canyon.

The different historic buildings and sites in the park include:

  1. Hermits Rest
  2. Kolb Studio
  3. Lookout Studio
  4. Bright Angel Lodge
  5. El Tovar Hotel
  6. Train Depot
  7. Hopi House
  8. Verkamp’s
  9. Watchtower
  10. Tuweep
  11. Visitor Center
  12. Tusayan Museum


The Sky walk on the South Rim is an engineering master piece. Built at an elevation four thousand feet, the glass platform enables the visitors to experience the Grand Canyon in a unique way. Apart from the air rides, river rides, helicopter rides, and mule rides, the Sky walk is a perfect way to get scared and get amazed. 🙂

Take time to enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Since it has life since thousands of years, your ancestors might actually might have lived there. 🙂

Salvation Army

Operating since more than a century, Salvation Army changed many lives through their Adult Rehabilitation Centers. The goods donated by the donors are sold at the thrift stores or family stores at reduced prices. The funds generated thus are used to help many adults going through rough phases in their lives. So, donate your unused items and help change a life through the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army has around 120 rehabilitation centers throughout the United States. These centers provide clean living environment for poor and broke people. They provide food, working opportunities, clothing, and spiritual services to the adults in the rehabilitation centers. They also have anti-pornography programs, alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, combating human trafficking programs, elderly services, disaster relief,  youth camps, entertainment services, missing persons services, and so on. The sole method of running the centers is through the funds generated at the thrift stores.

Salvation Army is similar to the Goodwill programs. The Salvation Army has several drop off locations, stores, centers, pickup trucks to donate your items. Find your local center and do donate your unused items. You can obtain a receipt for your donations mentioning the total worth of items you gave. The receipt can be used to get tax exemption while submitting the tax forms.

Your unused items including large ones such as the sofa, television, computers, electronic goods, lighting fixtures, chairs, bed, and so on can be donated to the Salvation Army. All these items can be sold at the local thrift stores and funds can be generated. A unique way to donate is to give your air miles to the Salvation Army which in turn will be used to transport people during emergencies and natural disasters. You can schedule monthly donations, through your personal will, car donations, and so on.

Salvation Army also provides employment opportunities to eligible people apart from housing and transport facilities for the officers. The donation guide gives you an idea of the value of the donations made. It is better to prepare a list of items so that the team can give you a receipt when you deliver the goods. Next time, before you throw away any useful thing, consider giving it to the Salvation Army!

Celebration Belle Cruises

The Schadler family runs the Celebration Belle cruises on the mighty Mississippi river right from the heart of Moline. The river cruises offers a unique opportunity to travel the river without actually getting sea sick. 🙂

The Celebration Belle cruises run from the past 25 years to entertain the visitors and residents of Quad cities. The recent flooding of the river might caused some closure of the cruises for a while. The cruises are available at an affordable prices. For a family event or business meeting, the Celebration cruises are a perfect match at an affordable price.

The range of cruise optons available vary from one hour narrated cruises to two day cruises. They include:

  1. Big Band
  2. Broadway and Movie Show Tunes
  3. Classic Oldies
  4. Dixieland Cruises
  5. Fall Foliage
  6. Holiday Cruise
  7. Mardi Gras
  8. Oktoberfest Cruises
  9. The Legends Music Review
  10. 2 Day Cruises
  11. Day Long Excursion

The cruises also include enhancements and other cruise options:

  1. Captain’s narrated lunch cruises
  2. Captain’s dance and dinner cruises
  3. Northbound cruises
  4. Narrated sightseeing cruises
  5. Southbound cruises

The prices are affordable and children under three are admitted at no charge and children three to twelve receive extra discounts. You can call the office 800 297 0034 to reserve an appointment. Visit the Cruise calendar to choose a show of your choice. 🙂

The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Freelancing is a popular career option for majority of workforce throughout the world. It provides the flexibility of work hours and location of work. On the other hand, it also requires the same concentration and commitment which a regular job demands. Payment and delivery terms must be made clear ahead of time to avoid confusion. Large commute times can be avoided through freelancing but getting the dispersed team work together is a real challenge.


Freelancing is popular in the workforce as it provides an opportunity at working at once own pace and timings. Pregnant or nursing mothers, people  recovering from injury, family emergencies, long commute are some of the situations in which people opt for freelancing. Getting the project requirements, understanding work, and completing the task happens mostly through telecommunication or through internet. Emails, cloud computing, servers, and other sources have reduced the burden of exchanging documents.

Freelancing supports self-employment and entrepreneurship and has proven to be a key growth factor to many. Freelancers can work within their own terms and times. They have to meet the requirements and deadlines based on which the payment may be made. Long commute and unnecessary disturbances associated with a regular job can be avoided altogether.


The main disadvantages of freelancing are meeting the deadlines and getting the payment. Most freelancers lose track of the deadlines and requirements as they work on their own and lack a team support and learning. Sometimes the team members may not be able to work together due to the different timings and distances. The freelancer may sometimes lack the motivation and energy to complete the work in time. Quality aspects are also a major setback in freelancing.

Payment is another challenge in freelancing. While correct bank documents are required for remote money transfer, which many may not possess. The client may feel to hold back some amount of money due to quality issues or any future issues. Freelancers sometimes are easily duped and deprived of payment. Their work would be taken and they would never get paid back. Following the old client may be better payment wise, but if a freelancer wants to take up new assignments, he may have to think twice about the money.


A freelancer may follow the following best practices to gain more:

  1. Get clarity on requirements
  2. Talk the payment terms
  3. Negotiate for a part payment before the project begins
  4. Understand the quality requirements
  5. Deliver on time
  6. Review the work
  7. Follow up for feedback and payment
  8. Keep the existing clients while taking up new projects
  9. Follow strict timings for working
  10. Communicate any delays or challenges in work

Freelancing is a great way to utilize time and generate revenue, but in deed requires lot of commitment and patience to really pay off. 🙂

Astronomy Day

May 7, 2011 is celebrated as the National Astronomy Day throughout the US to provide astronomy lovers an opportunity to celebrate the common passion. General public can interact with the astronomers and find out more about the cosmic space above us. John Deere Planetarium at the Augustana College and the Moline Public Library host special events for children and adults to participate ans learn more.

Astronomy Day is celebrated every year before the first quarter moon in April to May to encourage general public’s learning. Local planetariums and institutions set up telescopes free of cost so that the public can view the space. The rare opportunity provides children and adults to know and learn about astronomy.

This Saturday Moline Public Library is hosting a series of events ranging from activities and crafts for children, mobile observatory, and telescope clinics. The event starts from 2.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

The John Deere Planetarium at the Augustana College in Rock Island will host several presentations by experts. Further, the planetarium’s telescope will reveal the rings of Saturn and the crescents of moon. The event is from 8.30 pm to 12 am.

Register early to book an appointment for the events. Enjoy the Astronomy Day with the help of local institutions! 🙂