Back to School Carnival at Rock Island County Fair Ground

This weekend get ready for the rides and games at the Back to School Carnival at Rock Island County Fair Ground.

The fair opens Thursday and Friday at 5 pm. On Saturday and Sunday the fair opens at 1 pm and the rides are 15$ unlimited until 4pm.

You can reach the Rock Island County Fairgrounds, Avenue of the Cities & Archer Drive, East Moline, IL 61244 and can call 309-796-1620 for more information.

With school reopened and kids and parents stressed out, it is the perfect time for a jolly ride. 🙂

Moving – Do not forget address changes

The next big task after moving to a new place is changing the addresses. You need to change your address on all the accounts and opt for mail forwarding until up to an year with the local post office. Initially, it may seem only a couple of places, but after digging further you may find the list unending. 🙂

Address Change

You need to change address for receiving bills in time and to get the address proof at the new place. Here is the list of the address changes required:

  • Government authorities
  • Driving licence
  • Office records
  • Health insurance
  • Social security office
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Library cards
  • Shopping cards
  • Phone providers
  • Movie video accounts
  • Post Office

Mail Forwarding

USPS has a facility to forward any mail you receive to your new address. They have online and telephone request facility, but I find the paper request feasible. If the entire family has one last name only one form is needed, else you may have to fill in separate forms for each name. They forward the mail up to one year.

The more accounts you have, the more changes you have to make. Some accounts may not send a paper bill to your physical address and only maintain online transactions. Even then, you may want to change the address in those accounts too. Finally, you may wonder why you created so many accounts and why you have to change address at multiple places. 🙂

Scared to be a Role Model

Whatever I do, whatever I say, wherever I go, I am aware that two tiny eyes are watching me and observing. Yes, children watch and observe us all the time and often imitate. Sometimes its scarier to be having so much influence and being a role model to children.

Children and Parents

Children observe parents’ every move and action. Most kids imitate their parents which some times is amusing and some times not. They observe:

  • What we say
  • What we do
  • What we eat
  • How we behave
  • Where we go
  • How we exercise
  • What we do in free time
  • How are we managing friends
  • What we do in critical situations

Often, children can catch us telling lie or skipping a chore and immediately point it out. 🙂 And of course, they learn from us.

Most of the times it may not be convenient for adults to explain their actions and behavior. But, we have to explain why we are doing or not doing a task if they ask. Then, they may take a decision or draw a conclusion what is alright or not.

Role Model

Being a role model is not always easy. We may not be perfect all the times and cannot always preach to do the right when we ourselves are not doing. I think it is a continuous struggle to be honest with children and set up good examples for them to adhere.

Children immediately look up to their parents in any situations during their initial development stages. So, we need to be a little careful and choosy in using the words and doing the actions. After all, we do not want children to learn what is not good for them eventually. 🙂

Need motivation to walk? Buy Shape ups from Sketchers

My husband recently bought me Sketchers Shape ups after he was impressed with my walking results. Just when I am lazy to get out for a walk the new sketchers tempt me and motivate me to start. 🙂 Walking is the best exercise for many. But, most lack motivation to carry out the daily walking routine. The latest footwear from Sketchers may add to your result apart from boosting your motivation and confidence.


Sketchers is the popular brand and global leader in lifestyle footwear for children, men and women. They design, produce and market innovative products through out the world. Sketchers has head quarters in California and has retail stores in major cities around the world.

Shape Ups

Shape ups is the latest brand from Sketchers that assists in good body posture and toning muscles while you walk. The regular sports shoes or running shoes will give adequate support to your feet, but Shape ups promise improved posture and reduced stress on back and legs.

Initially, I felt that my walking style has changed and am walking in an unnatural way. But, after couple of days, I noticed that my walking pace has improved and the stress on thighs is increased. The stress on my back is reduced and hope all this will help in improving my posture. In that case its worth the price.

You may wear the shape ups during your normal office wear or for your walking routine. Any walk, the shoe promises results. The shoes are available in multiple models and colors. It comes with an instructional CD for our tech savvy friends. 🙂

Buy Sketchers Shape ups from kuulstuff’s amazon eStore to avail an extra four per cent discount and free shipping!

Moving? Tips and Suggestions

Moving to a new place or just shifting an apartment is most daunting for many. Cost of living, packing, booking a vehicle, taking care of kids schools and further planning can be easy if you are well-informed. Cleaning is also an essential part of moving which is equally tedious. Here are some tips.


Due to the job market and summer weather conditions, many people prefer to move during summers. While getting a job is difficult, finding an apartment which suits your needs is also impossible. You can use your networking skills and approach contacts and friends to find a new home or an apartment.

Once you finalize the new place and home, you can start preparations for relocation.


Start packing ahead of the move date so that you take care of all the belongings. Pack the less frequently used clothes, utensils, electronic items, toys and other items. You can leave some essential items aside and pack the rest of the items. It is suggested to take care of all the important documents and jewelry ahead so that you do not mis them during the transit.

If you have stored the boxes of all the electronic or electrical items you purchased, it is better to pack them back in the boxes to avoid damage. For all the remaining items you can use small bags or boxes to pack.

Booking Vehicle

You have to book a vehicle depending upon the number of items in your house. If the items are less, you can ask your friends to help during the move. Else, you may have to seek professional helpers who load and unload the packed items.

Book a vehicle one week ahead of the move date, so that everything goes according to the plan. If you book within a short notice, you may have to pay higher charges.

Move Date

On the move date, start at an early time or during the evenings depending on the weather. Make sure all the big items are loaded and arranged in a secure manner. You need to monitor the loading and unloading even though you have hired professional helpers.

Avoid any injuries or bruises during the move. You can move children and seniors early so that they will not be much disturbed. Complete the loading and unloading process and leave nothing in the vehicle. 🙂

Exit Formalities

If you live in a rental property, you may have to give the stipulated notice to the owner. If you live in a own house, you may have to plan to take care of your house when you are gone to the new place.  If the property is rental and you have paid a security deposit along with the lease agreement, you have to be careful until you receive your money back.

Cleaning all the tiles, windows, bathrooms, carpet, wooden cabinets, closets and everything is mandatory before you leave. You have to handover the property so that the next person can readily move in.

Address Change

Once you move, start changing the address in all the places. Notify all the banks, authorities, insurance agencies of your new address so that your bills reach you in time. Inform the cable and utilities people of the change. You can inform the local post office to deliver the mail to the new address.

It may seem never ending to readjust at the new place. But it will soon get over and you can start enjoy the move. 🙂

Sales Tax Holidays in Quad Cities!!

August 6th and 7th are sales tax holidays in Iowa and August 6th through 15th are sales tax holidays in Illinois. So, shoppers hurry up and rush to the stores to enjoy the benefits. Beware of the exceptions while availing the sales tax holiday benefits. 🙂

Sales Tax Holidays

Every year state government declare certain days as sales tax holidays. Businesses that are open on these are required to participate. However, the maximum cost for which the sales tax is free varies from State to State. The items for which the sales tax is exempted also vary. The sales will boost for businesses during this period at the same time, consumers can enjoy the benefit as well. Businesses can claim this exemption while filing the tax returns.


Illinois has declared August 6th through August 15th as sales tax holidays. Five percent of the sales tax will be exempted on all school supplies, clothing, and footwear up to $100. School supplies are not subject to the $100 threshold however, if the product is not used by the student in the course of study, that item is not exempted. For example, crayons are exempted but not the paint brushes and other art supplies.


Iowa has declared August 6th and 7th as sales tax holidays. However, the items under this exemption are clothing and footwear only up to $100. Manufacturer coupon do not reduce the sales price of an item. But, store coupon reduce. So, correspondingly tax is adjusted.

Watch out

Notice the following rules while purchasing during the sales tax holidays.

  1. The sales tax exemption is valid for goods exchanged at a later date as well. 🙂
  2. The tax exemption is valid for mail orders during that particular dates.
  3. Clothing or footwear for athletic or swimming do not receive the exemption.
  4. Returns after the tax holiday receive the corresponding tax credit, but not the new item purchased after the dates.

Iowa has complete sales tax off on clothing and footwear while Illinois has 5% sales tax off on clothing, footwear, and school supplies. Happy Shopping everybody. 🙂

Quad Cities Events – August, 2010

For Quad city residents, August is packed with full of local events which are not to be  missed. The Mississippi Valley Fair, River Roots Live Music Festival, Tug Fest are the major annual events apart from the movie in the park. These events make summer a little more exciting and worth celebrating!

Mississippi Valley Fair, 2010

The 91st annual Mississippi Valley Fair is being held at Davenport, Iowa from August 3rd to August 8th. If you have visited the Rock Island County Fair in July, you can expect this fair to be much bigger and with  more events.

The Mississippi Valley Fair has a  line up of celebrity artists from across the country performing live daily. Apart from the grand stand events, the fair is packed with shows from across the country. The animal show, carnival rides, fire guy show, diamonds show, Stiltwalker Todd Lageisse show, sculptors are some of the amazing shows in the fair.

The fair is held at 2815 West Locust street Davenport, Iowa 52804.  They can be reached on (563) 326-5338. The entry fee is $10 per head and $40 for all days with admission to the grand stand.

Tug Fest, 2010

The 24th annual Tug Fest is held across the Mississippi river between Le Claire, Iowa and Port Byron, Illinois. The tug-of-war across the river is held annually along with the Bike show and fire works. The show and events can be seen both the cities and are a ton of fun. Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs and water bottles.

The festival is held on August 12th to 14th and the entry is free. 🙂 Do not miss the annual show with lots of events for children as well as adults. The tug fest for children and the Prince/Princess contests are held for children. For adults, the parade contests, bike contests, Running, Golf tournament are the planned events. The fireworks on  Friday, August 13th are a feast and a must see!

River Roots Live Music Festival, 2010

The sixth annual River Roots Live Music Festival has artists from across the country performing for entertaining the visitors. The festival is a feast for all music lovers with a line-up of popular artists and fun.

The festival will be held in Davenport Downtown on August 20th and August 21st. The timings are from 11am till midnight. Entry is free 🙂 and the shows are held in multiple stages. The music festival is packed with rib fest for you to enjoy mouth-watering ribs. Bring your lawn chairs and water bottles.

Movie in the Park, Moline

Every Friday night in August, Moline Parks department shows a free  movie in the park at Riverside Park. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and water bottles to enjoy the cool summer and a free movie. Concessions are available at the park at an extra charge.

So, finally there are many events in August before school starts and fall begins. Enjoy to your maximum potential and let me know how it went. 🙂

Back to School!

While back to school season means a lot of fun for children, it is a lot of work and stress for most parents. Taking care of the registrations, school supplies, back pack night, day care, transportation among others is easier for some but stressful for other parents.


American public schools require a child to register every year to enable them to plan the classes. Further, submitting address proof is mandatory so you fall in the same school district. Most schools have posted the registration information on their websites but some have sent the registration packets to all children as well. Some schools have online registration for middle school and high school children.

Physical presence of the parent at the time of registration is necessary in order to fill out the forms, pay the fees, and submit the proofs.

  • The forms include registration form, Language forms, Food forms, Transportation forms, Parent-Teacher-Association forms among others
  • The school fee may be from $40 to $60 for public schools and for private school may be $35.
  • The address proofs may be your most recent rental agreement, gas bill, cable bill, electricity bill, telephone bill , and so on.

Some schools require school physical form filled out from the child’s doctor which can be submitted later.

If you cannot register your child on the specified dates, you may register st a later date but the seat at the desired school may not be guaranteed. Then, it would depend up on the class strength. You may have to send your school to another school in the same school district.

School Supplies

School supplies list have been posted on the school websites and can be collected at the time of registration. Many departmental stores such as Walmart have school supplies list of  all local schools in the store itself. Some schools have the facility of arranging the supplies if you pay the amount to the school directly.

Most of the supplies for all schools are similar but may vary slightly depending on the school. Some of the supplies may be reused from the previous year’s stock. School uniforms and shoes may change and require further shopping.

Back Pack Night

Most schools have a preset date on which children and parents can visit the school before the school reopens. You may need to submit the school supplies and check out your child’s class room and teacher. It will be exciting for some children to meet their friends and class mates but some may feel nervous facing the new teacher.

First Day School

You do not want to miss the first day of school as it will be a lot of fun for the children. There will be introductions and children will get familiar with the class rules and regulations. For the first week, there may not be any serious classes but most adjustments and ice breaking sessions may be in progress.

Some parents may not like sending their children to school, but note that, the American government mandates that every child must receive education, be it public, private or, home schooling. 🙂