Why praying God is important?

Every religion has its own rules and methods to pray God. But, in the busy life, who has time to pray God. Is worshiping God only old people’s task. Most of us believe that God is watching us and will help us anyways and that praying is unimportant. But, daily prayers make us nearer to God and help in self satisfaction while increasing confidence.


God is omnipresent and has multi-powers to solve all our problems. It is believed that God can do greatest wonders and help mankind. Though nobody sees God, most of us believe the existence of a super natural power that creates life and rules our day-to-day lives.

The Power of Praying

Praying God may not solve our problem. But, remembering His favors help us maintain an optimistic view toward life. Instead of losing hope and getting depressed, praying daily will help acquire mental peace and clarity. We are naturally preoccupied with multiple thoughts and are confused many times. Praying will offer support and mental consolation to any soul.

Further, we may set an example to our next generations by offering prayers to God. Showing our respect toward our culture and traditions will foster good environment in the family and community. Children learn from us, so we set an example to them as how we get solace in the situations of danger and confusion.

God bless all. 🙂

Buying a new or used car? Beware of the scams.

With summer around and weather suitable, the car sales are on a high. Most car owners want a new one or an additional car for their spouse or children. This is the best time of the year to buy the cars. But, should you buy a new car or a used one or approach a dealer or buy directly from the owner. These are some of the questions pondering in a car buyer’s mind. Irrespective of the approach, car buyers must be aware of the scams and related risks before buying any vehicle.

Car Dealers

Buying from a dealer is thought to be safe, but not always. There are risks of faulty product, higher APR rates, faulty warranty and service and so on. The agreements we sign must be checked out carefully rather than signing it off in a hurried manner.

Dealer scams are normal if the buyer is not cautious about the terms and conditions. It is always better to consult a known person or reference in approaching a dealer.


Here are some tips to get a best car deal.

  • Check out the vehicle history
  • Let a mechanic inspect the car
  • Make the agreement full fledged and complete in all aspects
  • Arrange for money before start looking for a car
  • Cross-check all the banks for lower loan interest rates
  • Check the online prices at InvoiceDealersYahoo!AutosEdmunds.com, and CarsDirect

Check out the steps to buy a new car and a used car before attempting to buy a car. Happy Shopping. 🙂

West Lake Park – Davenport, Iowa

The recent get together with friends and family at the West Lake Park in Davenport, Iowa was tons of fun. The park facilities and the beach offer a unique fun experience for adults and children.

West Lake Park

West Lake Park is located by the lake. Its facilities include picnic areas, barbecues, children’s play area, rest rooms, and the beach of course! The park has all the facilities and is perfect for family get-together or birthday parties or casual picnics.

The Beach

The beach is a small area retained for children and adults to enter and play in the water. The lake water may look brown but kids will enjoy anyways. The sand by the lake allow the children to experience a beach environment right in the Quad cities. 🙂 The life guard will be watching the kids to ensure safety. Further, the younger kids get to play in a separate play area with all their personal swim toys and accessories.

Note that they charge $3 for adults and $2 for kids to enter the beach.

The Paddle Boating

This was the first time I paddled a boat. so, it was funny. My son paddled the boat too. Though it all resulted in lot of leg pain the next day, it was a good view of the trees and the lake from the boat. 🙂 The charges include $7 for half an hour and $10 for one hour. They with hold your driving licence and return when you are back.

Summer Vacation and Learning in Children

Summer vacation is half way and school registrations are in progress. So, what happens to the child’s learning during summer vacation. According to the recent article published in TIME Magazine, studies show that summer vacation deprives children of healthy learning stimulation. And, summer learning programs may keep their minds active and sharp. 🙂

Summer Vacation

High temperatures and sun make three months long summer vacation inevitable. The year long learning (?) at schools evaporates during summer vacation. However, children learn sports, swimming, martial arts and other favorite activities during summer. Summer learning may be through travelling, observation, reading, spending time with family and so on.

Some families may afford to send their children to special camps and programs, while some families prefer to keep the kids at home. Some states have extended summer classes, others do not. Children need summer vacation to learn about the world in a new and different perspective.

Summer Programs

Major summer programs at the local library or parks department are available to the general public at reasonable and reduced prices. Some programs and camps are entirely free though some may require prior registration. The summer schools at the public schools are for academically weaker children. Though you may send your child to any private institution to foster academic learning.

In the USA, a child attends school for 180 days, the total class instruction ends up to 1080 hours. However, the typical math scores for fifteen year children is only 474. Whereas, in South Korea, a child attends school for 204 days, the total class instruction ends up to 545 hours and even then, the math scores for a fifteen year child is 547.

Elementary school children may not feel the difference in academics but high school children may feel challenged to learn the advanced concepts after a summer vacation. A child’s learning depends on the individual’s abilities. Modern parents are looking forward to develop their child in all areas to face the global market. 🙂

Movie Review – Inception

My friend asked us to visit the Putnam IMAX as they have showcased new exhibits. As we were late, we could not visit the museum but ended up watching Leonardo DiCaprio starring ‘Inception’. Here is a glimpse.

Dreams Dreams Dreams

The movie is produced and directed by Christopher Nolan, who directed the ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Batman Begins’. The whole movie is about dreams. Inducing a new idea into a person’s minds by capturing and altering their dreams is the main theme. The theory behind it is that a person’s life, memories and dreams are interrelated. Often, what we dream is what happens and what happens in real life is what we dream. Confusing.. huh?


So, the handsome hero appearing a bit old and tired in this movie, has a gang with whom he works in inducing the wanted ideas into the target’s mind through dreams. Of course, he will be paid handsomely for the job. 🙂 His latest project would be originating an idea into a businessman’s mind to dissolve his late father’s empire and change the business plans. Now, the real challenge is how the ‘inception’ group is going to do that.

The hero then recruits a beautiful architect, a chemist, a forger as part of the new project. The main concept itself is confusing for me, and I still did not understand why he needs these three new people for his project. So, the whole movie is about how the gang does this in a long plane journey. The payment for the job is freedom with which the hero can return back to his home country.

Further, the hero’s own memories conflict with their job making the movie all more confusing. Ironically, time slows down in the dreams. That is, five minutes in real life is one hour in the dream. So, there is a lot happening in the dreams and the time delay increases with each level of the dream.


The movie is shot in multiple locations and shown simultaneously. The cast and action are apt but the concept is advanced like ‘Matrix’ and ‘Surrogates’, which ordinary people like me can never understand. We all tend to enter in to a state of ‘limbo’ by the end of the movie. 🙂

Sutures in Children

Injuries and Sutures are common in children. Every year millions of children get sutures or stitches in face and other body parts in the emergency room. Active children tend to forget safety procedures and get injured while playing. Accidents while playing are common but must be addressed carefully.

First Aid

When there is an accident and your child is injured, take the kid aside and apply first aid. Clean the surface with tap water and use napkins or paper towels to stop the bleeding.

If the cut is minor, apply antiseptic cream and bandaid. If the cut is major and bleeds profusely, apply pressure on the area and put a towel on the injured part.


Visit a nearby hospital or emergency room. Complete the formalities and let the nurse and doctor decide the course of action. You may be too anxious, but be patient and wait until the treatment is completed.

If there are sutures, instruct your child to cooperate with the doctor while applying the sutures. Ask the doctor how to care and food restrictions.

Sutures – Care

In general, nonabsorbent material are used for facial sutures and absorbable material are used for gynecology sutures. It is better to keep the child safe at home while the sutures are on. Here are some general care instructions to heal sutures.

  • Remove the bandage after 12 to 24 hours
  • Clean and dry the wound area twice a day
  • Wash the area with soap water and pat with a dry towel
  • Apply antiseptic cream and let it dry
  • Do not overuse the antiseptic cream, small amounts about your finger tip may be sufficient
  • Use loose fitting clothes for your kid so that the clothes may not disturb the sutures
  • Observe the wound area, for redness, swelling, pus, cracks and so on
  • Follow normal food for your child and take care that the food may not affect the sutures
  • Pulses are a good source of protein, but may result in pus formation
  • Milk is a good food and rice and smooth food which your kid likes may be best

Nonabsorbent sutures must be removed after five days. So, visit your doctor and get them removed. Let the doctor check thoroughly and confirm.

Any cut skin and suture will leave a scar on the surface. The kid’s injury may be painful more than self. But, it will be a sweet memory for your kid’s active play and happy childhood. 🙂

What men want?

What men really want is not yet known. Why always hooked up to the internet, when beautiful wife and kids are waiting? Why so crazy about sports, when day to day issues are piled up? Why so engrossed in world issues, when home matters are unaddressed? Why always like mother’s dishes, despite wife cooking for years? Why gossip more than women and sound not interested when someone wants to talk?

Women are still trying to solve the mysterious ‘mankind’. Here is an insight of what men really want.


A man defines himself by what he is, what he does and how much he earns. The remaining matters are rather trivial. Unlike a woman, a man places himself first ahead of the family and kids.

The career is of utmost importance to a man. The office politics and the urge to grow higher in the career consumes most of a man’s thoughts. The busy schedules and unending meetings and work take priority in life. After a while, some men even forget to celebrate the smallest happiness in lives.


So, in their busy work and life, what men expect from a women? The basic needs are love and support which women offer. Apart from these two basic needs, food is the next big thing. Laundry and house hold chores are the next. If you can take care of the driving and all other kids related activities, that’s even better.

Basically, men are happy if left alone with their work and personal stuff. They are so self-centered and occupied that they expect straight questions and answers. Men do not engage in long convoluted discussions, which they can not figure out. As it is they are preoccupied with office stuff, so they expect women to be straight and direct in asking demands.

Special Occasions

So, what about special occasions in the family. There are minimum sentiments and the occasions are thought with practical reasoning. As in how much it costs, what others expect or what is the gift and how much is the budget for the occasion.

Some men even forget their own birthdays and family member’s special days. If someone else can take care of these things, it is really good for them.


Men are raised to fix things. So, when there is any problem, men think about fixing the issue and taking care the problem does not reappear. Sometimes, women want to just share and do not expect a solution.  But, most men are good at suggesting and fixing stuff as the quality is inbuilt in them.

In fact, men are simple and equally vulnerable and expect a direct conversation. They are not as complex and as confused they actually seem. 🙂

St.Louis, Missouri – The Gateway to the West

Many friends boasted about their visit to St. Louis, Missouri, which I did not understand until I saw it myself. The Arch, the Zoo and other attractions make St. Louis a popular destination for a weekend. Quad city residents can visit St. Louis in Missouri for a educational and historical trip as well as fun destination.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is located around 264 miles from Quad cities and takes five hours to get there. The scenic drive takes you through the green Illinois down south through Springfield, the capital of Illinois. St. Louis located on the border of Missouri and is a great trip for adults and children.

The city has great history in civil war, world war period and was home to popular travelers. The city has gret historical importance and is considered as the ‘Gateway to the West’.

The Arch

The Gateway Arch is a National Historic Landmark and is a part of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The Arch is an iconic image of the city and stands 630 feet height and 630 feet wide. It is a master piece of engineering as with the other structures. The triangular plates merged to form a hollow structure and offer a unique visiting experience for visitors.

Visitors can get to the top of Arch and view  the city and the Mississippi river from the top of the Arch up to 30 miles on a clear day. The trams leave every ten minutes and carry the visitors up and down the Arch. The stairs built to the top offer a safe route for visitors in case of any emergency in the trams. The ride to the top in the tram is the same as sitting in an elevator.

Other attractions

St. Louis has many popular attractions apart from the Arch. The Forest Park, Zoo, Botanical garden, museums, Anheuser-Busch Brewery among others are worth visiting. The horse ride in the downtown amidst beautifully lit buildings is a unique experience for visitors.

St. Louis has all kinds of activities for children and adults throughout the year. Kids can plan arts, fun, wacky, smart activities in St. Louis. The city has boat tours, guided tours, segway trips and other options for getting around. 🙂

Only child? – No more selfish, spoiled and lonely

I was criticized by most friends and well wishers for my decision to have a single child. The myth that the only child will be selfish, spoiled and lonely is no longer true as the percentage of single child is on the rise. Blame it on the recession or the decreased fertility rate, the onlies are on the rise. The TIME magazine published a recent article on only child, which represents many interesting facts.

Why more?

Most parents chose to have a second child as they love the first child more and have another one. Most quote that the second child will support the first one. The experience of growing up with siblings and sharing cannot be known in single child families. The onlies rely more on friends and cousins for a similar experience. Also, they may not experience the sibling rivalry too. 🙂

Further, the responsibility of taking care of oldage parents can be shared in multiple child families. While the onlies can depend on spouse and friends for taking care of parents. The more kids in the family means more happiness and more support, but it also implies  more responsibilities. 🙂

Why only?

Nuclear families and career-oriented women have limited themselves for a single child. The capability of a couple  to take care of more children changes from one to another. Some can handle and manage more while some cannot. I think marriage is not only for raising children, but for mutual happiness.

According to a recent study, 46% married couples chose to have two as the ideal limit. China has a single child policy due to economic and population problems. Though the law of single child has been relaxed and couples can have more children, most still prefer to have single child.

Why  not only?

Some parents decide to give a long break between children while some may chose shorter breaks. Sometimes, if the gap is less between children, parents can miss the fun of watching the older child, who is still young, while taking care of the younger one.

While some only children have the burden of satisfying their parents expectations. Some only children suffer more attention and depend on parents. Some have more anger built in them and try to rebel.

While Granville Stanley Hall, the popular child psychologist, thinks that only child is a disease in itself. He describes only child as deficient on social side, petted, indulged, humored and spoiled. Alternately, Susan Newman, a social psychologist defines only child as the new traditional family.

Popular onlies

Three-tons family is on the rise. Parents can form informal groups to entertain their only child and foster the growth. The future of any child, single or multiple, entirely depends on how they grow and the values they adopt. I think that a child’s success entirely depends on hard work and discipline in life.

Franklin Roosevelt, Cary Grant, John Updike, Condeleezza Rice, Lance Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Chelsea Clinton, Elvis Presley are some of the successful and popular only children. Now, I see some hope. 🙂