Hennepin Canal Parkway Carnival, Colona, IL

The carnival at Hennepin Canal Parkway, Colona, IL is worth visiting once if you have nothing else to do on the memorial day weekend. The small city has annual parade and carnival on the memorial day.

Hennepin Canal Parkway

Hennepin canal parkway is a popular site for fishing. There is a boat ramp at the end of the canal which joins the Rock River.  The play area and the park by the canal are a good spot for children and young adults. We saw many young adults and high school kids at the park enjoying their summer evenings.

Carnival > Rides and Games

The carnival has many interesting rides. They include the Wipe-out, Super slide, Dashing car, Pumpkin ride among others. The tickets for these rides range from 3 to 5. The tickets can be purchased at the carnival entrance. Thwy cost $20 dollars for 21 tickets or $40 dollars for 41 tickets.

The other games include catch a fish, gold fish, balloon throw, ball throw, dart throw, gun shoot and others. These games are expensive. The charges are $3 for one chance or $5 for three chances. If the player wins in these games, they get a soft toy as a prize. Some games are compulsory win a prize irrespective if you win or lose.

Fun for Children

The carnival is fun f or children in the neighborhood with the rides and games. The children will sure enjoy the time in the carnival as they have games and rides suitable for all ages. Once you are exhausted with the rides and lost enough money, you can spend some time in the park and come back. 🙂

Why Walking is the Best Medicine for all Ailments

We have heard many people saying that, “Walking is good for health”, “My doctor has advised to walk thirty minutes a day”, “Walking reduces body weight” and so on. I was always wondering what may be the actual benefits. But, lately I realized that walking is the best medicine for all ailments.


Here are many benefits of walking apart from weight loss and controlling diabetes and blood pressure:

  • Walking engages us as we prepare and plan ahead to get out on time
  • While walking, you are also observing the nature, which is relaxing and increasing your observation skills.
  • You may encounter different thoughts or plan of actions while you walk.
  • You can discuss many personal or professional topics while walking.
  • Discussing or talking out your mind actually relaxes your mind and the day ahead.
  • You may listen to good and soothing music while walking.


  1. It is better and essential to have a walking companion, may be, your spouse, or a friend, or your child, any body, who can accompany you in the daily walking routine.
  2. Start and plan your walking.
  3. Remember to wear good pair of shoes and loose clothes.
  4. Further, you may have light breakfast or tea or coffee before you walk.
  5. Choose a convenient time and set the total walking time comfortable to your body rather than over-doing it.

One may notice drastic changes initially, but once the change is stabilized, it will be consistent. Therefore, it is suggested to continue the walking at the same time of the day.

Most of all, the entire excitement lies in getting out of the home and completing the routine. You will feel a sense of satisfaction and success if you complete your walking routine. It is a supplement along with the food, medicine and rest you take daily. So, happy walking and best wishes to achieve your weight loss target. 🙂

Three Steps to Post a Google AdSense Ad in Your Blog

Google Adsense is widely popular among the blog industry. Everybody is blogging, but the real challenge is setting up the ads in a WordPress blog. Here are three simple steps to post an ad in to your blog.

1. Login as Admin to your blog
  1. Click on Posts menu and select a page to insert Ads
  2. Select HTML view for inserting google Ad javascript code. Leave an empty line above and below the <script>… </script> tags
  3. To add the Ad beside the blog image: Add <table><tr><td>Ad script or blog image</td><td>Ad script or blog image</td></tr></table>
2. Login to AdSense to create an ad
  1. Under AdSense Setup, identify the content type and subject for which you need the ad
  2. Click AdSense for Content to select ad type
  3. Decide the place where you want to show the Ad on blog
    • Just after the heading of blog => rectangular image or text 700 X 15
    • In the middle => rectangular preferably text with multiple columns may be 4 or 5
    • Next to a image => square 300 X 200
  4. Select Ad Unit. You can experiment with Link Unit also
  5. Select Size horizontal or vertical and so on
  6. Add five subject categories related to the blog contents
  7. Give a name to the ad and generate javascript
  8. Copy the javascript from the text box

3. Go back to the blog contents and paste the javascript
  1. Save and Update and Publish the blog
  2. See the blog and make sure you have the correct ads appearing
  3. Click back to Manage Ads and edit if needed
If the ads are not to your expectation or want to change any categories you can go to AdSense and make the changes without copying and pasting the javascript again.

The AdSense is smart enough to post the ads according to the changes you make there without copying and pasting the javascript. Happy advertising and happy blogging with Adsense. 🙂

iPhone Apps and Accessories – A Newcomer Guide

Are you a new iPhone owner? Are you confused how to set it up? And are awed by the large number of Apps available? Welcome to the iPhone club. Here are some tips and best practices for you and your iPhone.

My husband and son cannot stop jumping after seeing the new iPhone which we got yesterday. The instructions book said to charge fully, but did not mention how long. And we have to switch it off before charging. So, how do we know if it is fully charged.

Setting up

  • Do not switch on the iPhone initially
  • Charge the iPhone using the charger provided
  • Wait for half-an-hour to one hour and switch it ON. Check if it is fully charged.
  • Download the iTunes software from apple.com/iTunes
  • Register your phone as per the instruction manual
  • Make a test call to any other phone number
  • Connect the Apple iPhone to your personal computer
  • Start downloading the applications

iPhone Apps

You need not download all the Apps given there. You can choose among the free apps given under each category. The Apple iPhone website lists all the paid and free apps under different categories. The Apps for keeping current and the Apps for fun and games are useful. Alternately, you may browse through your iPhone to download an application.

I found the following Apps useful:

  • Apps for Business: Currency Converter, Jobs, iSchedule
  • Apps for keeping current: CNN Mobile, FOX News, Yahoo, TIME Magazine, NYTimes
  • Apps for Music: Rhapsody, Top 100s by Bing
  • Apps for Students: Dictionary.com, Math Magic,  Math Drills
  • Apps for Working Out: Diabetes, Body Fitness, Weight Watchers, Calorie tracker, WebMD, Runkeeper
  • Apps for Managing Money: Expense tracker, Bill tracker, Personal assistant, Wells, BillMinder
  • Apps for Fun and Games: All-in-1, PAC-Man Lite, PandaMania

It is essential to read the customer reviews. Some apps work only on certain version of iPhone and only on Mac computer. The ‘fringe’ app is also useful in calling outside the network and saving minutes! Register at ‘Textfree’ app to send free texts to any other mobile.

iPhone Accesories

Now after the iPhone has arrived, there is a desperate need for its accessories. 🙂 Here are some of the additional accessories you may need for your iPhone.

  1. iPhone LCD Protector – To protect the screen from scratches
  2. iPhone Leather pouch – To carry your iPhone
  3. iPhone Car charger – To charge it in the car on the go
  4. iPhone Additional charger  – To avoid the hassle of carrying the charger to and fro from office
  5. iPhone Emergency battery – To charge the iPhone where you do not have a laptop or other plugin options
  6. iPhone cradle – To charge and rest your iPhone

meritline offers iPhone accessories at a reasonable rate. But, they take two weeks to deliver. If you cannot wait that longer, eForCity can send you the product instantly. The docking station at amazon is $24 and can accommodate your iPhone along with its LCD protector.

In addition, buy.com, newegg, tigerdirect, tech4shop are some other websites to check for iPhone accessories.

Remember to read the user reviews and additional information  before ordering any product and check for its compatability for the iPhone you own. Best wishes for your new iPhone and the monthly internet service charges that your provider bills you. 🙂

Regis and Kelly – A fresh way to start your day

I saw Regis and Kelly when I was randomly browsing the channels. Eventually, I got addicted to this show and hooked on to this weekday morning show airing  from 9 am to 10 am on ABC channel. This is why I like Regis and Kelly!

Live with Regis and Kelly is a chat show airing on ABC channel from New York city. It features Regis Philbin, who has been hosting the show for over 25 years. Kelly Ripa has been co-hosting the show for about ten years.

Regis Philbin

A native of New York city and supporter of the Yankees, Regis Philbin has been a host for talk shows and game shows. He won numerous awards including the Guinness record and Emmy award for his performances. He featured in the movie Shrek and created an music album with his wife Joy.

His wit and humor along with knowledge on political, sports and entertainment industry makes  his presence and performance special.

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa was acting in a day time opera “All my Children” and is one of the funniest women on television.  She has couple of Emmy  nominations and has voiced for a few animation movies. She hosted other talk shows on ABC and is famous for her sense-of-humor.

She and her husband Mark Consuelos have a production of their own in New York. Her ease of receiving the guests on the show along with the funny comments make the show more lively.

Michael Gelman

The show’s executive producer is Michael Gelman who is often the victim of Regis’s frustration. Gelman receives the comments in a sportive manner and guides Regis and Kelly throughout the show. Regis and Kelly tease Gelman often and he in turn adds to the fun of the television show.

The Show

The show has multiple trivias, contests, performances, recipes, fitness, gardening among other seasonal interesting themes. The show introduces new actors, books, musicians in the industry apart from gaining insights of the upcoming and experiences actors.

Regis and Kelly act funnier while they call people throughout the USA. The chemistry between them is amazing and the timing of the comedy is commendable. The hosts talk about weather, TV shows, movies, daily routines and about everything. They make all the topics seem funny and humorous.

I laugh out loud many times just watching the facial expressions of Regis and Kelly. Their comments in the show make my mornings lighter and are good for a positive and happier mornings. 🙂 I wonder how they appear every day mornings without any hint of tiredness.

Kuul Stuff -> Coupons

Here is a shopping spree in the spring.

KuulStuff.com is bringing Kuul Coupons from different retailers and wholesalers. The source for these coupons will keep varying to find best deals and very soon you will be able to compare, print and add these coupons to your wishlist on KuulStuff.com….wait and watch.

Currently, we have best deals/coupons from Walmart and Amazon on this page.

You can Share the Kuul Coupons you are aware of as comments to this blog.

To support, please write comments and click couple of Ads 🙂

until then Enjoy Shopping!!

Weekend Getaways in Quad cities: Savanna, IL

Savanna is around 60 miles from Quad cities and can be reached within one and half hour. It is located along the Mississippi river and at the mouth of the Plum river.  It is a small city also known as Sportsman’s paradise.

Road trip

During summer drive you can see many bikers racing on the road to Savanna and Galena. The road trip is pleasant with abundant greenery by the road side. You can see Albany and Thomson on the route and Exelon nuclear power plant in Clinton and 3M manufacturing plant in Cardova. The bridge between Savanna and Sabula in Iowa was constructed in 1932.


The Mississippi Palisades State Park is a major attraction in Savanna. The State park facilitates different activities such as boating, camping, hiking, biking, hunting, picnicking and fishing during summer. Cross-country skiing, sledding and ice fishing are the sports possible during winters.


The park gives a dense forest-like environment and is home for birds, wild turkeys, shore birds and eagles. Other animals that could be traced include deers, squirrels, muskrats, skunks and weasels.

Must See

The layout in the park is clearly marked and is self-directed. The lookout points and other points are oak point, Louis point,  Ozzie point among other site seeing platforms. The Indian head and Twin sisters are the rock formations which can be found there. The park is home for hiking trails which are clearly marked.

You can hear only the singing birds in the park and has peaceful and quite environment. It is ideal for children to experience different atmosphere in the forest. The train whistle and the tracks can be heard which is also amazing to watch. It is worth driving and visiting the park. 🙂

Nearby Attractions

Savanna Train Car Museum contains railroad artifacts and Monument park and Marquette park are some of the other attractions in Savanna. You can drive further ahead on the highway to reach Galena in Illinois which is a scenic road trip.

Weekend Getaways in Quad cities: Le Claire, IA

Summer weekend can be utilized to maximum potential by exploring surrounding cities of Quad cities. If you have no appointments or parties you can get away to nearby cities and enjoy the road trips. Here is what I observed when I visited Le CLaire last weekend.

Le Claire is a small town by the Mississippi river which has abundant greenery. Mississippi river is the largest river flowing across the US. The people living around the river are lucky to enjoy the beauty of the river. The river takes a sharp turn at Le Claire to the west at the head of the rapids making the town an important place for river commerce.

Yesterday owing to the weather it was sultry, warm with cold breezes. If you are visiting Le Claire in the business hours, you can visit the museum and the shops there. My Sister’s Coffee shop offers variety of coffee flavors. If you visit Le Claire after business hours, you can just enjoy the riverside beauty and come back.

The walk along the river side and the boating decks are good time pass. It is fun to watch the birds and listen to the flowing water. Being summer you can see many boats racing in the river. I think a boat is a must for people living around the Mississippi river! 🙂

The Tug Fest and Cruises are some of the popular events of the town. The Riverboat Twilight offers a two-day cruise from Le Claire to Dubuque and back. The serenity by the river and the greenery make a Le Claire worth visiting at least a year, in fall as well as in summer.

Movie review – Iron Man 2

Rating: 3/5

Robert Downey Jr. with his amazing smile and penetrating eyes plays a powerful yet sometimes vulnerable Iron Man. In this sequel, Iron man exposes himself to the general public and reveals his true identity. The government wants him to return the Iron Man suit which is his propreitary.

Tony Stark, the hero, does not want to handover his property and special suit to the government. He claims that the suit is safe with him and no one can destroy the nation. Meantime, the past enemies of Iron man and his father plot to create an alternate suit and kill Iron man. The villain is a physics scientist who creates powerful gadgets to kill Iron man.

The movie is all about how Iron man discovers his father’s treasure and his ambition and how he destroys the enemies. The plot is beautifully laid and the characters action is mature enough. The side kicks played by one of the heroines (Scarlett Johansson) and the hero’s friend (Don Cheadle) are apt and support the main hero. Samuel Jackson plays a guest role as a surprising friend.

The movie is rated PG 13, but our kids can watch freely. Only couple of scenes are not suitable for young audience. But, overall the movie is engaging and entertaining. The technical gadgets shown in the movie are high-tech and the Iron man suits are great.

The  movie is a good time pass to watch with family. I wonder what happens if the armed forces really got the Iron man suits. 🙂

Engaging kids in Summer 2010

Summer vacation is around the corner and most parents especially at-home mothers must be horrified at the thought of having kids in the house 24×7. It is difficult to engage the kids in summer and try to match to their expectations.
Travelling and visiting elders and grand parents is the best alternative but may not always be possible. However, here are some of the ideas which you can try out.
  • The local public library has very good programs for kids during summer vacation. the reading programs and book bunch clubs encourage kids to read as well as socialize with others. The best part of the program is it is absolutely free and there is no charge involved.
  • The local swimming camps coupled with Red Cross and YMCA offer swimming sessions at a reasonable rate. They can charge a nominal amount of $48 per an eight class session. Blackhawk college has some summer youth camps for youth ages ranging from 8 to 18 years. These classes include pottery, writing, lego games, Stage performance and so on.

  • You can send them to summer camps at YMCA and at Abe Lincoln. These are a little expensive but include camps with families which may be a wonderful experience with your family.
  • You can send them to East Moline Christian School for summer school. They charge $175 for half day (8 am to 11.30 am) and $300 for full day (8 am to 3 pm) apart from $45 registration fees. The charges are higher but the coaching and the teachers provide support for your child’s academic development.
  • The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) has summer programs for children in grades third to tenth. These programs are great to encourage children to learn mathematics and science. The programs cost $250 for five full day sessions from 8am to 3pm. It is a day session. So, you have to pick and drop your kid daily.
  • You may check out other local events and take your kids to the event. The Rock river music festival and the tug fest are two great events and offer a new perspective for children.
  • The public parks offer a variety of programs such as movie in the park or bike race or one mile family walk which are great for family fun.
  • Summer 2010 has many new upcoming movies releasing which are fun to watch with family and children.
  • You can visit places such as Wisconsin Dells, St. Louis, Mt. Rushmore or Washington DC or any nearby attractions which will be educational and entertaining for the entire family.
  • You can encourage the kids to learn a new language or pick up an activity book from Brain Quest to pass their time in a productive manner.

Parents must limit the time for watching TV and playing video games. It is a better idea to prepare a summer timetable and let them follow their own rules. 🙂