Product Owner and Scrum Master

Agile Scrum is being in practice with many software development teams as well as teams in non-software development. How the Agile Scrum is implemented is dependent on each organization and how they adapt the Scrum principles. However, getting certification from a Certified Scrum Trainer will guide the teams in the Scrum principles and roles.

Often, we come across Scrum teams where the Scrum Master is writing user stories or the Product Owner is conducting the Scrum events. In some teams, Product Owner is also part of the development team. This may be customized according to the organization. But, certified professionals can clearly see the improper implementation of Scrum. Scrum teams are cross-functional and self-organizing. The three important roles in the Scrum teams are the Development team, Product Owner, and Scrum Master. Each has their own responsibilities.

Product Owner

In Agile Scrum teams, Product Owner becomes the business representative for the Scrum teams. Here are the responsibilities of a Product Owner:

  • Always available for the team, knowledgeable in technical and business domain, and is agile
  • Communicates the product vision and product roadmap
  • Manages the product backlog
  • Writes user stories and acceptance criteria/tests
  • Prioritize the product backlog and sprint backlog
  • Responsible for backlog grooming
  • Determines the sprint duration and estimating the user stories
  • Communicates with the business team and the development team
  • Works closely with the business to know actually what they want from the product
  • Quickly adapts to the change requests from the business
  • Partners with the Scrum Master for the overall performance of the Scrum team
  • Works only for one Scrum team
  • Attends daily scrum (optional)
  • Does not speak until spoken to 🙂
  • Lets the development team figure out how they are going to develop the product
  • Responsible for the business outcomes
  • Prepare the release plan
  • Maintains continuous feedback from the business
  • Seeks questions and answers from internal and external stakeholders
  • Uses tools to maintain the backlog, calculate sprint velocity, and maintain burndown charts

Scrum Master

Scrum Master is responsible for removing any impediments to the development team and oversees end-to-end implementation of the Scrum principles and events.

  • Monitor the Sprint events and gatherings including Sprint planning, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective, and daily scrum meetings
  • Facilitates the Scrum by being a mentor and coach
  • May monitor one or more Scrum teams
  • Approaches business to remove impediments
  • Partners with the Product Owner for Scrum implementation

Development team

  • Decides how to develop the product increment
  • Picks the user stories for the Sprint
  • Participate in all the Scrum events
  • Perform code reviews
  • Performs many functions and self-organizes to meet the Sprint goals
  • Complete the user stories vertically so the customer can start using the increment
  • Ensure the committed user stories for the Sprint are complete in all aspects
  • Works for only one Scrum team even if reporting to Project Manager from another team
  • Cannot take up any work from outside the team
  • Being agile to implement changes in future sprints
  • Looks out for each other for the success of the Scrum team
  • Complete all stages of development including testing
  • Communicate with Scrum Master and Product Owner

Self-organizing and cross-functional Scrum teams are the latest way of getting things done efficiently. Collaboration and communication are key to the success. Managing complex projects can be simplified using the Scrum principles and events. Lots of discussion and consensus is required before actually starting the work so the teams can deliver what the customer actually wants.

The Scrum has changed in 2018 and here is the 2017 Scrum guide for your reference. Getting the Scrum certification from a Certified Trainer will help the Scrum teams to know what they are doing right and what is the ideal way Scrum teams are supposed to work.



Taxes are Approaching Faster Than You Think

As the magic of holidays fades away, the new year also brings tax time for all of us. The new GOP tax bill drastically adds/removes incentives that could affect your paycheck and taxes. Homeowners are rushing to pre-pay the property taxes, Businesses are announcing bonuses for their employees, Tax agents are figuring out how the tax rules can be implemented, and others are waiting to file the taxes on the postcard!

The yearend also brings the burden of filing taxes. Procuring the 1099s, W2s, and documents consume individuals and make you wonder where did all the money go. 🙂 TurboTax has user-friendly self-guiding software which can show your taxes based on the information you provide. If you approach a local tax agent such as H&R Block, they can guide you through the filing. The agents enter your details into their tax software and complete the filing.

If you are itemizing you will be required to carry all proofs during filing. If there is an audit from the IRS, you have to re-submit your proofs. Wait until the end of January or February until you receive all the 1099s and W2s from the agencies. Tax agents and taxpayers are eagerly waiting for how the new GOP tax bill will change the taxes. Here are some general points to consider:

  1. Increased standard deduction:
    1. For married couples: Increase from $13, 000 to $24, 000.
    2. For individuals: Increase from $6500 to $12, 000.
    3. For single parents: Increase is from $9550 to $18, 000.
  2. Property tax exemption limited to $10, 000: This is a huge blow to high property tax states such as Illinois and New Jersey.
    • I wonder why Scott County residents rushed to pre-pay the property taxes. They only pay $3600! Rock Island County does not accept pre-payment until the tax bill arrives in May. Illinois is already leading in people moving out and it may increase further in future. 🙂
  3. Taxes can be filed on a postcard: This will simplify the documentation required. However, the cost of the postcard is not revealed yet. 🙂
  4. Change in Payment: Payroll software providers are adjusting the tax withholding to accommodate the tax changes
  5. Child tax credit increased from $1000 to $2000 for the people with incomes up to 200, 000 (single parents) and $400, 000 (Married filing jointly). However, the child is required to have a valid SSN.
  6. Change in tax slabs: Corporate tax rate is flat 21 percent. Pass-through business owners or small business owners can deduct 20 percent of the income. Large businesses announced bonuses and higher contributions to charity due to the tax savings they get from the GOP tax reform. The different slabs for low-income, middle-income, and high-income have been set up.

IRS will not accept taxes until the end of January and if you are expecting a refund, you will not be seeing them until the end of February. The last day to file taxes is April 17 without penalty. The new GOP tax reform is from 2018 to 2025 and some are skeptical that after 2025, all the tax savings will be lost. For low-income earners, the taxes might reduce first but increase after 2025. Everyone is trying to understand how it will change and any hint of fewer taxes gives a huge relief for taxpayers. 🙂

Happy New Year 2018!


Low-income tax rates










Middle-income tax rates











High-income tax rates


Are You Ready for the Next Gen Coders…

The typical requirement of four year or three year bachelor degree with over ten years of experience in the related field is not relevant in the IT industry anymore. The new wave of coders are high school graduates with technical training and on the job apprenticeship are ready for your high-tech job within an year! Here is the best part, they are already aware of the agile Scrum processes and are ready for the 60K to 75K IT Job! Quad Cities is one of the regions adapting the trend and is getting ready to manage the young coders!

Youth start coding as young as twelve through the different programs in school or local STEM institutions. They learn typing in schools and are better at organizing work with the Google Docs. Initially used for getting work done, now schools have started using computers for educating students in computers. Engineering, Nursing, Coding, and other STEM courses are popping up in the school curriculum. Robotics has become a mandatory activity for kids in and out of school. High schools have created vocational courses so that the kids can be a certified nurse after passing high school. Some local high schools have made engineering an optional course in all four years so they are ready for the vocational jobs.

Special programs for girls in coding and computer science are in place to encourage coders. The traditional mindset of limiting women to just the Business Analyst or Tester roles will not work anymore. Women in IT are now developing more programs and managing those projects as well. The next gen women coders are able to take up the challenges with more communication skills, perfection, and confidence!

Ignite Quadcities, QCESC, Career Cruising QC, and CoWorkQC in the Quad Cities and NewBoCo and Vault in Cedar Rapids are some of the latest organizations developing young coders. The next generation workforce also have founded an organization and done some consulting in their high school years. Government grants and funds to encourage STEM programs and trade schools has also added to the new trend. Some trade schools do charge some amount for the training. By partnering with local IT companies, they allow local IT managers to visit the students during the apprenticeship and teach what is required at their organizations. Some local colleges are allowing the credits from the trade school to transfer to a degree so the kids can have a Bachelors degree as well. The trade schools are also allowing the kids to work in the Scrum process under a certified Scrum Master so the kids are aware of the process in the IT organizations. In addition, the trade schools are also willing to take older workforce who are stuck in minimum wages through out their lives and are willing to work hard for the change.

The next generation coders are already learning Java (!) during their high school years and participating in the local hacking and coding marathons. Online courses from Khan academy and Udemy are paving a way to learn coding in a systematic way. We do not need the specialists (?) anymore as we can employ our local kids to work in our IT organizations. However, whether they are going to work long enough in the same organization is questionable. Also, are they ready for super stress and long working hours demanded by the Information Technology work. A trade school course can get them a job but is not a substitute for the Bachelors degree and the kids must work towards the degree while working in their dream IT job!


Property Taxes: The Bitter Truth

Property owners are charged yearly by local cities for overall maintenance of the city’s infrastructure. Schools and colleges are funded by the property taxes. Major chunk goes to the development of city’s facilities , salaries, and pensions. However, home owners are unable to digest the hefty bills every year.

Property taxes are the bitter truth of home ownership and if you are in one of the highly taxed states such as Illinois and New Jersey, you better get another job just to pay the property taxes! Some property owners end up paying up to ten percent of the total valuation of the property. The cycle for the property taxes is determined by a pre-defined process set by the city and state. Every year school districts decide the points to charge the city for operating the schools. State taxes may be less but the additional taxes charged by the cities for giving tax deferments to businesses makes the final rate higher. Cities with alternative income sources such as sales tax or income tax may charge lesser property tax.

You can expect a bill compared to a similar homes in your neighborhood. If you did a home improvement in a year, you must notify the city so they can reassess your property for adjusting the taxes. Commercial or business property tax may be different from residential property taxes. Check the local counties website for assessment search in your area.

Notifying the mortgage company and monitoring the city’s records whether the property tax is actually paid by the mortgage company is needed. For new construction properties, the initial mortgage may include only the property tax on the lot. Once the assessment is completed your escrow and mortgage can be adjusted to include the new property tax. Keeping a track is also necessary even if paying by other methods such as cash or check or credit card.

Property tax can be deducted from income taxes but also depends on the government tax rules. It is mandatory to pay the property tax bills similar to any other bill. Owners do maintain all the bills issued and paid. While enjoying the perks of home ownership, owners are also prepared for the yearly property tax bills. 🙂

Teenagers: Managing Highly Demanding Work with High Demands

Teenagers are still growing and are having increasing demands which are difficult to meet. They face a lot of challenges from school, peers, and sports but are equipped with confidence. Parents think teenagers have it all easy but they need more support and understanding now than ever.


High school kids have daily home work that takes three to four hours every day. The advanced and honors courses leave little room for outside fun. Teenagers manage the tests, grades, ACT, SAT, activities, and so on. To meet their demands, teenagers start working as soon as they are eligible. Volunteering in a related interested field is expected at this age. Through volunteering, high school kids are able to explore the study and work choices.


The frontal lobe of the teenagers is still developing. Teenagers are highly susceptible to schizophrenia and other issues.Their perception of situations and problem solving methods are different than adults. Healthy diet, exercise, and more sleep is recommended for overall well being. Social, physical, emotional, and mental health is crucial for teenagers. Any out of school activity costs a lot but there is risk of developing obesity at this age and related complications may arise due to the sedentary lifestyle. Smart phone addiction goes often unrecognized in teenagers.

Peer Pressure

Teenagers face drugs, alcohol, dating, and other situations in daily lives. Increased rates of depression and suicide among teenagers are due to the constant pressure. Cyber-bullying and online crimes on teenagers are getting out of control. They are exposed unimaginable sex and terrorist videos that are available openly on the Internet. Cyber crimes and under age charges can be filed in case of sharing nude photos.


Dating is common in high school and kids are highly anticipating for this in elementary and middle schools. Many end up marrying their high school partners for life long. However, nowadays due to the unlimited exposure, there is high occurrences of teenage pregnancies which hinders their education, work, and lifestyle. Children are exploring their sexuality and identifying their preferences. They are experimenting and knowing their limits. Too much sharing on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, live videos, unlimited selfies, and so on take a huge toll on time and efforts. The cost of the dates also is an additional expense for the family! Some do earn through chores and part time jobs.


If you have a teenager at home, probably you have come across all the high-end demands. Smartphone, car, laptop, events, branded gear, allowance, and what not. They have to have the stuff to get along with their friends. ‘All are doing it’ and ‘All have it’ are some of the phrases parents get to hear.


Smartphone for a teenager costs $1000 or more and it needs yearly upgrade! Carrier bill of teenagers with unlimited data costs about $100 a month. High-end earbuds to listen to the music which cost another $150. Monthly music memberships for Spotify and Netflix add another $50. If your high school kid is a gamer, they will need monthly memberships, gaming systems, game remotes, and compatible head phones add another $1000.  If you have a fashion favorite at home, clothing, seasonal attire, and accessories cost another $500 per month (minimum).


Finding a correct match for the courses teenagers wish to study and the college offering them is not decided until they join.  They are applying to colleges and scholarship and writing related essays. The application fees of the colleges and the college visits itself may add up to significant amount.

Managing all 

Teenagers are working their best to meet the work and increasing pressures. Stress management is possible through yoga, meditation, and social and physical activities. The outbursts and yelling are a way to get the stress out. Understanding the kids nature while respecting their growth is needed during their developing years. Helping teenagers take the right decisions and reminding them of the basic rules and life goals keeps them focused.

The challenges faced by current generation are never heard before and they are working hard to get ahead in the competition of study and life! Parents must show their support and encouragement while negotiating their demands.

Boy Scouts Extend Their Programs to Girls

Recent decision by Boy Scouts to extend their programs to girls has had mixed reaction from the public. Traditionally developed for boys and their development, the organization has recently started including LGBT and extended their programs to girls as well. Are they opening up their doors as part of their inclusiveness initiatives? Or are they looking to improve the dwindling attendance and head count?

Boy Scouts has excellent scouting programs for boys in grades one through twelve. Boys meet weekly once under the leadership of volunteering adults. They all plan different camping, fundraising, and volunteering activities in the community. Mostly funded by local churches, Boy Scouts has proved to be a successful program even in the remote parts of the USA. You can find an Eagle scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts, in all fields of work around you. The achievement of Eagle rank itself is considered a greatest achievement for the Boys and is a constant reminder for them to keep trying for their goals through out their lives.

Camping by Boy Scouts is family friendly event and raises awareness of keeping the environment clean. Many local camping areas are seeing development due to the camping fees paid by the Boy Scouts. Leadership, patriotism, communication, team work, achieving goals, and so on are constantly inculcated in their merit badges and programs. Special funding is available for children with Autism and ADHD to join Boy Scouts. They aim to improve the social skills of the boys by involving in the Scouting.

Boy Scouts was perceived as very strict organization in terms of rules and procedures. Boy Scouts do have venturing programs to include families and siblings. To avoid confusion in their troops, the Boy Scouts have started including LGBT in their troops. The decision was appreciated by many as that solves the common situations. However, recent decision to include girls as well is not welcomed by many.

Girls Scouts have their own program and empowerment agencies. They are not willing to join the Boy Scouts and want to remain independent. By including the girls in the troops, the attendance will increase definitely. 🙂 However, what about empowering the boys. Boys in general have less programs exclusively for them. They had one Scouting program and now the girls are in it as well! In their newsletter to the families, the Boy Scouts leadership has specified that the programs for boys and girls will be different and there will be no changes for the boys. In that case, how the funds will be allotted? Definitely there will be cut for the Boys programs. How about the leadership? Are they willing to recruit LGBTQ and women for their leadership positions?

The scouts are okay with the decision because girls who are gays can end up friends with the boys. That is common in schools as well. Maybe, the latest decision to include girls as well is to accommodate the previous decision of including LGBT. It is at the discretion of the local troops and churches about how they would go ahead with the latest changes. Maybe in future, they are looking for gender neutral scouts. It is uncertain about how the changes will effect Boy Scouts in the long run. Let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Scrum Teams: Powerful Way of Getting Things Done

Scrum alliance is a modern technique to improve team work and customer collaboration. With reduced levels of intermediate communication, Scrum teams are revolutionizing how things are done. Mainly created for software development teams, Scrum principles and Agile methodologies are being incorporated in to all businesses.


Scrum is a framework of Agile model for software development. Mainly focusing on face-to-face interactions, delivering working software at frequent intervals, incorporating change at any time during development, and customer collaboration, Scrum teams are increasing in many Fortune 500 companies.

Scrum Teams

The Scrum teams are self organizing and are a group of five to nine people. The small size lets them focus more on the tasks and communication. Product owner, Scrum Master, and the development team are three main roles of Scrum teams.

  1. Product owner: Responsible for gathering requirements from customer and acts as a main collaborator.
  2. Scrum Master: Oversees the sprint and makes sure the Scrum principles are being followed.
  3. Development team: Self organizing team members focused on the development of the product.

Team members focus on empowering each other and get things done in an efficient manner. Developing, testing, implementing, and incorporating customer requested changes are all completed within a short period of time called Sprint, which is typically two to four weeks.  The teams compete to increase their velocity with each sprint. Special tools such as Jira, Rally, Trello, and so on are used to record and measure the Sprints.

Scrum teams help to avoid ongoing distractions and smart phone addictions. The daily scrum meetings and face to face communication gives every one a chance of participation and a feeling of being important. Daily scrum meetings let the scrum teams discuss tasks done, tasks ahead, any obstacles within ten to fifteen minutes. This will set the focus of the Scrum teams and team members can watch out for each other.

Team members are able to develop Scrum values such as focus, commitment, courage, openness, and respect by working in Scrum teams. Overall efficiency and work environment are seeing an improvement through the Scrum teams.


Scrum Certifications are helping teams get familiar with the Scrum principles, key terms, mandatory meetings, and so on. You can register at any local event and get certified. The certifications provide a guidance on the implementation of the Scrum in any business.

  1. CSPO: Scrum Certified Product Owner
  2. CSM: Scrum Certified Master
  3. CSD: Certified Scrum Developer
  4. CSP: Scrum Certified Professional
  5. CST: Scrum Certified Trainer
  6. CEC: Certified Enterprise Coach
  7. CTC: Certified Team Coach

Various requirements have to be met for advanced certifications while some require an interest to work in Agile Scrum teams. Ongoing participation in Scrum events and re-certification is recommended. Find a certification event near you and get started today!

Scrum Teams in Real Life

Scrum teams have proved to be efficient in many small businesses and even at family level, Scrum teams are performing better. Typical attitude of working in a silent secluded manner are being overtaken with a more collaborative and interactive approach of Scrum.

Small businesses are mostly practicing Scrum and are Agile without being aware. However, if they practice the Scrum teams, they can be more self regulating and self organizing. Everybody appreciate the daily scrum and are in loop of whats happening. Customer appreciates the working models and can let the Scrum teams know any changes needed. The Scrum teams are also feeling empowered with the regular communication and feedback from Customer.

There are some new terms and way of working that Scrum teams must get familiarized. Once, the habit is formed, there is no stopping for the Scrum teams in software development, conducting business, as well as in daily lives!



Ford Museum and Rouge Tour: The Making of America’s Favorite Car

A visit to the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and the Rouge tour will enlighten you. The manufacturing excellence combined with innovation, self-sufficiency, and hard working labor makes Ford America’s favorite car.

Ford Museum






The museum of innovation has multiple exhibits and ancient displays of Henry Ford and the car manufacturing process. Insights to the development of vehicle making are displayed. At the entrance, you can find the ground breaking concrete and shovel used by Thomas Edison who came when the Ford plant was opened.

Other exhibits show the creative and manufacturing innovations used by Americans in the early days. Sewing machines, lathe machines, steam turbines, and cars are among the exhibits. You can even see the original steam turbines Ford used to power his plant!

Other interesting displays include the Presidential cars, violin collection by Henry Ford, and the Dymaxion house among many others. You can see America’s greatest manufacturing and power innovations that revolutionized the production and output.

Presidential Vehicles

Font innovations by House Industries make you wonder how much thought went into the creation of the displays and fonts. In the current electronic days, where all creations are computer based and graphics, it is hard to imagine that fonts were actually hand crafted!

Greenfield Village tour takes a day long to visit all the original properties that were moved to the city.

Rouge Tour

Rouge Tour is another interesting tour that provides the live insights of the manufacturing of Ford vehicles. Currently, they are assembling the 2018 Ford-F150 which are all sold out already! Raw material comes to the Rouge and the finished vehicle ships out. The self sufficiency of Ford’s business ensured continued supply and profits. Every Ford-F150 takes six hours to complete assembly and testing in a day.




Rouge Tour

In the Rouge tour, you can see an interactive presentation of Ford’s history. The lasers and the Four dimensional display of the Ford F150 model popping out of the auditorium is the highlight! You will understand how Ford kept going on towards his passion of vehicles despite the many obstacles he faced. With every obstacle, Ford developed permanent ways of removing the risk in the future.

Next, you will be routed to a self-guided tour of the assembly of Ford F150. You will be astonished by the skill and perfection of the people working. The parts move on a continuous chain belt and the workers assemble the parts by standing at their stations. They work at the speed of one truck per minute! If they miss the vehicle by few seconds, the belt moves along and they miss the chance! There may be some extra measures and precautions to stop the belt though. 🙂


At the end of the Station 2, you can try out the steering wheel display where you will be asked to assemble a model steering wheel. You can take the elevator to the Station 3, where you can see the Factory overview. They have installed Living green roof on the top of the Factory’s manufacturing units to promote clean and healthy air for the workers. The species installed on the roof are self-sufficient and require minimum maintenance. Through the Observation deck, you can identify the units such as the painting unit, furnace, and so on. Ford has taken care to to clean the Rouge river and maintain the environment. Friendly associates will help you navigate the factory tour but do not mention their competitor who took the bail out (GM) with them though! 🙂 At the end, there are different shining models displayed for visitors to take pictures.

There are combo tickets for the Ford museum, Rouge tour, and the Greenfield village. Locals do take year round pass for $250 for frequent visits. They run free buses from the museum to the factory. My favorite Ford models were the Mustang, Hot Rod, the Golden Rod, and the Ford-150 with the moon roof. I was convinced to book the Ford F150 but realized that it was out of my range. 🙂

Have You Booked Your Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Yet…

Its not too late to reserve a solar eclipse viewing party near you. August 21st is the total solar eclipse and whole world is excited about the natural  celestial event. Weird stories including Lizard men in South Carolina and sold out Porta Potties in Oregon make us wonder more about the Total Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse







Source: NASA

Solar eclipse is the natural event in the space when the moon comes in between the sun and earth. Then, the people on earth are unable to see the sun for a few minutes to hours. You may remember that the earth rotates on its own axis and revolves around the sun. Moon revolves around the earth and during the solar eclipse, it appears that the moon is blocking the sun. Only few parts of the earth are able to view total solar eclipse, while others can see partial solar eclipse.


Viewing Parties

All the public libraries and museums are arranging viewing areas to see the solar eclipse. Private groups are getting together to see the solar eclipse. In Oregon, all the Porta Potties have been pre-booked for the solar eclipse viewing parties. In South Carolina, police are warning people not to kill the Lizard men that may appear during the solar eclipse. Lizard men are weird humans similar to Big Foot and police are requesting to report any sightings. 🙂

Some cultures ban viewing the solar eclipse as it is perceived to be bad. Some prevent cooking or eating during the eclipse as the bad rays tend to spoil the food. Some pregnant women avoid going out during the eclipse as it may harm the baby. Scientists are arguing that the plants and animals may behave differently during the solar eclipse.

After 38 years, the United States is getting an opportunity to view the total solar eclipse though there were partial, annular, and hybrid eclipses after 1979. Electric and solar operators are concerned about the operation of the solar equipment and power plants during the solar eclipse.


NASA is emphasizing the safety during the solar eclipse. Experts are warning not buy cheap solar glasses and normal sun glasses are not suggested for viewing solar eclipse. Organizers of the viewing parties are arranging for safe glasses that are good for viewing the solar eclipse.  Cheap glasses can be spotted by holding them against car head lights at night. If the light is passing through the glasses, they are not safe for eclipse viewing and can damage the eyes. Special eclipse glasses are manufactured that can block the ultra violet and infra-red rays during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Viewing 

Solar Eclipse of 2017 in the USA is first visible in Oregon at 9 am. The eclipse will pass through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. The maximum time of 2 minutes and 38 seconds eclipse can be viewed in Carbondale, IL. The eclipse will end in South Carolina at 2pm.

Some eclipse chasers are tailgating the path in the USA while others are travelling out the country for different experience. Special Amtrak trains to Carbondale, IL are already sold out! About five hours drive from the Quad Cities, Carbondale is having the largest viewing events.

Quad Cities Solar Eclipse Events

In the Quad Cities, local libraries are passing out safe sunglasses and arranging the viewing areas. Some libraries are having preparatory events before August 21.

  1. Moline Public Library: 11.30 am to 2 pm. Sponsored by Popular Astronomy Club Quad Cities
  2. Putnam Museum: The event is sold out, but you can check for any cancellations. From 11 am to 2 pm, there will be presentations and live casts.
  3. Rock Island Public Library: 11.30 am to 2 pm. Offering free eclipse glasses for first 100 viewers.
  4. Davenport Public Library: 12pm to 2 pm. Making pin-hole cameras and eclipse viewing
  5. Bettendorf Public Library: 12.30 pm to 2 pm. Free glasses available or make pin-hole cameras.  Special presentations about the solar system

Next total solar eclipse in the USA is in 2045. Some parts of the world may not see the solar eclipse at all. For kids, this is a right event to view the science they studied in the text books. Some universities have declared holiday for the solar eclipse viewing on August 21, 2017. So, gear up for the grand solar eclipse this year and let me know how it went. Many are complaining that the solar eclipse is falling on a week day, but we can’t control the sun ha 🙂